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Rubber thing on Stryfe and other questions.

Hi, I've just splashed out on a Stryfe, my first electric and magazine fed blaster.  I noticed that the darts aren't all that accurate when fired quickly, and when I opened the jam door I noticed some rubber thing on the inside (which my springers don't have).  What is it, can you remove it easily and is it worth it?  Also would you recommend the 25 or 35 dart drum for a Stryfe?

It's a skirt that helps guide the darts and stop gunk, dirt, grass and fingers getting into the flywheels. Rip that nonsense out and you'll see an improvement in reliability.

Whilst you're in there, remove the orange 'finger' you can see at the rear of the magwell. Dubbed 'Captain Funbreaker' on this forum, that little interlock causes all manner of issues.

With drums, it's up to you really. They're never ideal but it depends how itchy your trigger finger is.

Thanks UKNerfWar, I shall look at removing those.  I have also just bought a 18 dart clip.

I quite like to run duel wielding stryfe's with 35 dart drums, but...

...they are a bit prone to jamming.

18 dart mags are pretty much the go-to clip, drums can be quite nice but can be unwieldy and are certainly not necessary. 35 dart drums are also pretty expensive now, I've recently got a 25 dart drum with my hyperfire that I feel is better in usage than the 36, but it's only 7 darts more than a cheaper and easy to store/carry 18 dart stick mag.

All magazines benefit from cleaning and good, fresh darts. I have a video on my youtube about how to clean mags. There are disassembly guides to the drums, be aware the spring in them is very difficult to get back in if you mess up the job. White spirit and a rag is best to clean and lube with. You shouldn't need any silicone or grease except a tiny spot on the central spindle.

I find the 18 mags are best than drums, drums are too big and on my load out get in the way, but I suppose it's down to me having strangely small arms? Also I agree with the above, carrying drums can be a paaaaaaaain !

Thanks guys, looks like I made the right decision with getting the magazine not the drum!

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