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Rules & Submission Guidelines For The Vault

The Vault represents the best of the best BritNerf has to offer from our chronograph data to our battery and other data. It is curated by the forum staff and is collated here as a central repository for the BritNerf community's net contribution to the wider NIC.

Admission to The Vault:
    If you feel a thread is Vault worthy then drop a PM to one of the Admins or a Moderator and we shall discuss whether it is worthy.
    You will be notified by PM if your thread is being admitted to The Vault.
    If your thread is nominated we may contact you to ask you to refactor or reformat some content prior to admission. It maybe that subsequent discussion posts in the thread need to be factored into the OP


I'm also going to keep a submission log in this thread. This thread will light up whenever there are new submissions. Smile

Dustybin's Trustfire thread and Newportnerfer113's hydrodip text guide added. Thanks for your content, folks. Here's to many more. Smile

       BRIT NERF Forum Index -> The Vault
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