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Safe Brass

If you mount brass inside cpvc or the like will that make it Larp safe?

Well, the blaster itself isn't "larp safe" to hit people with anyway, so it's a moot point.

Which larp are we talking about? I've done all sorts of settings where I've been waving around Nerf, airsoft, replicas, cast and scratch built props, blankfirers and deacts and not heard anything where there was concern about pieces of brass pipe.

Guns aren't larp safe, period. Every game I've had anything to do with has made a point of stating the obvious that you don't perform any sort of melee with them at all. The only exception I have ever seen is when Metlock started making fully foam muskets and steampunk stuff and even then only very certain games allow melee with them on the basis that they knew the player base and that there wasn't some gonk who was going to see a foam musket being used as a club and promptly turn around and break their Denix over someone's head...

I'm just starting to explore this side and I've only read the Greencloaks rules, I was thinking that any blaster with exposed brass barrels would likely be classed as dangerous with guys charging at each other. I'm going to rebarrel my rough cut so I thought I'd do the necessary whilst I'm at it so I have at least the option if I want to take it up.

You're correct in that bare brass would be frowned upon at GC for two reasons. The first being that it'd effectively an apple corer at that stage so you want some sort of covering. Second, brass is soft so you need something to protect it from the elements and/or trees. GC's rules are built to maximise safety and deal with the worst of poor engineering that leads to blasters not being fun due to jams/other common, easily preventable failures. Smile CPVC or any dort of plastic cowling would work fine.

If I could be arsed, I'd look at printing decorative muzzle brakes to sheath brass. Smile

Boff here does the blaster checking for GC so he may be able to advise better.  

I had the exact same concern after seeing that sort of stupidity at GC, where monsters were running full belt, waving their larp weapons at people with guns and then getting arsey when they got shot, often quite close. I raised this with a ref and the response was that I hadn't done anything wrong, as long as I avoided deliberately targeting the face (though head hits would still count.) Personally I would recommend eye pro when crewing anyway.

You should contact the refs direct on the FB page or by email and they will be able to confirm the situation. But as I say I've been doing larp with gun physreps for fifteen years and this was the first time I had seen players or crew behave so stupidly.

Thanks guys. I've seen a mod whereby the modder used the original muzzle of the roughcut on the end of the cpvc he had fitted so I'll give that a crack with brass nested.

If you want to safely cover brass then old rifled faux barrel works fine. Allow at least 12mm overlap.

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