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First off if this is in the wrong place then please move.

A few weeks ago I bought a Black and Decker Mose sander from Home Bargains as my Girlfriend wanted to take the pain off an old tv stand to re paint. Anyway, we broke it out this weekend as there is a lack of British rain. So we have been using it and found it was not the most powerful in the world and at 55W what is to be expected. But then I had an idea (i think its cause the sander is orange and a hammershot is orange) and I tell you what it's perfect. There is an attachment to get into tight spots and the small surface area is just right for nerfing applications so find blow the link for it on amazon and it's cheaper than what I paid;keywords=black+and+decker+mouse

Have fun.


Palm sanders are indeed amazing. I've used one for years for sanding blasters before painting. I know a lot of people prefer good old elbow grease but I'm a lazy shit and get the machine to do the work for me.

I have a Makita Multi tool which in it's own right is a fantastic and versatile piece of kit but it also comes with a sanding pad and a few different grades of sand paper and I use that and I can completely sand a rapidstrike baby skin smooth with in 10 minutes.

       BRIT NERF Forum Index -> General Nerf Discussion
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