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Schoolboy masking tape error- best way to fix?

Quite annoyed at myself, I got distracted from a project and put the shell away still masked, for a few weeks- just took the tape off and it's left a visible residue which I'm going to need to deal with before the next colour goes on...

Sooooo. 3M 3434 blue masking tape, halfords car paint. It's just adhesive, no paper left. What do you reckon is the best way to shift it? Isopropyl'll move it but might be a wee bit aggressive. Soapy water and a soft brush might be a bit feeble. What do you reckon?

Nail polish remover is normally best for that and then just wipe down with soap and water.

You want something that isn't too aggressive and won't take the paint off, furniture polish like mr sheen generally does a good job

White spirit.

Nail varnish remover is usually acetone which will remove the paint as well. 'Acetone free' nail varnish remover is basically isopropyl alcohol which would be perfect. Similarly window cleaner is usually isopropyl based, as is surgical spirit (aka rubbing alcohol). White spirit will work also.

Acetone'll take the paint off and then melt the shell  Cool  Problem solved!

Cheers guys, I had 5 litres of isopropyl so I guess I'll use that, it can be a wee bit streaky but I can deal with that

(@Oldnoob, does white spirit not leave a residue of its own? It always seems oily)

The problem with white spirits is that it evaporates super slowly. If you're not careful you can end up painting over a very thin layer of it which isn't good at all so it's always best to rinse with water afterwards. That's why I prefer IPA. That stuff vapourises before you can get it on your cloth.

Note to self: IPA does remove halfords car paint! Luckily I felt the tackiness so it'll be a pretty easy fix but gosh darn it, didnt expect that.

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