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Show off your collections... IN LIST FORMAT

I'll go first...

Stampede (stock)

Stampede (BSUK upgrade and UKNW paintjob) "Niflbogi"

Rapidstrike (BSUK upgrade #002 - Shark NSR 40 motors) "Triakis"

Stryfe (Only original part is the shell, 'Cade motors and 11.1v LiPo) "Estella"

Stryfe (Ongoing project)

Longshot (10kg spring & bolt sled reinforcement) "Insy-Winsy" (So named because it's used by my housemates to kill spiders Sad )

Nitron (Ongoing project)

EAT (5kg & AR/total lock delete)

Magstrike (Ongoing project)

Thunderbow (Stock)

Rhinofire (Ongoing project) "Bessie" <3

Pyragon (Stock) "Cleopatra"

2x Hammershots (Stock)

2x Vulcans (6kg & AR delete + custom wiring/grip config) "Bertha" & "Brumhilda"

Wildfire (Stock)

Rapidfire 20 (Stock)

AT (5kg & AR delete & custom trigger mech)

And my pride and joy, courtesy of MarcusH:

Clear Deploy (Stock) "The Derploy" (known to work exquisitely well with a LSK barrel and 35 drum)

Let's go!

Stampede - 6KG , AR delete etc . 'The OZ' - custom paint from Kev with Society logo.

Stampede- same as above plus some things I can't mention otherwise Boff will come and kill me
' Slaughterhouse Stampede'  WIP - again custom white/Red splatter paint with decals.

1x Hammer shot with triple googly eye mod.
3x strongarm
1x Retaliator
2x Barricade -purely for their motors
1x Praxis
5x EAT - donated to soc.

And finally... The most awful awful ever. The pound land blaster

1 x EAT w/Raider Stock
1 x Stampede
1 x Strongarm

Yeah, seriously, that's it. I've slimmed down in the last few months. The company's inventory is commercially sensitive, however. Razz

6 stock Rapidstrikes
1 Magstrike
3 Stryfes, all modded somewhere
Reaper Rapidstrike
Number 0001 "Raja" RS. Now repainted and on stock 130's
Ultimate Rapidpistol
5 Kg Rampage, shotgun grip conversion
2 Hammarshots
1 Triad
1 Jolt
1 Airzone Punisher
1 stock Rayvern
1 stock LSK
1  Sledgefire and 6 shells
1 OFW Stage 3 Retaliator- 5kg spring
1 vulcan, BSUK spring, remote arm or firing, 3x50 belts.
1 mega magnus- waiting for Kev to show us all how to do the clip mod.
1 doublestrike
1 Slingfire

Boff wrote:
1 x EAT w/Raider Stock
1 x Stampede
1 x Strongarm

Yeah, seriously, that's it. I've slimmed down in the last few months. The company's inventory is commercially sensitive, however. Razz

To be honest 3 of mine are actually mine. The rest are 'Loaners' that I am not really fussed about but are sitting in my box of things and I will hand them over to the society when i graduate, will slim down to 2 Stampedes and the Hammershot.

All Stock unless stated:

2x Stockades
3x Retaliators (1 AR'd, 1 5KG'd)
2x EATs (1 5KG'd)
4x Stryfes (All Volt Modded, 1 Part of Masterkey)
2x Roughcuts (1 Part of Masterkey)
4x Longshots (1 has been Frantic Blue'd)
2x Stampedes
1x Longstrike
2x Triads
5x Jolts (Awesome to hide them all around the house loaded and start a war with the wife!)
2x Hammershots
1x Elite Spectre
2x Rampages
2x Scouts
1x Centurion
1x Demolisher
1x Hailfire
1x Elite Rayven
1x Nitron
1x Viglion
1x Revonix 360
1x Firestrike
2x Strongarm (1 AR'd)
2x Rapidstrikes (1 Colour Corrected, the other is the BN RS)

I also have a pile of mod bits ready to next level these bad boys!

Can't help but feel stuff is missing. Expect edits.

1 Elite Rayven
1 Rapidstrike
1 Mega Thunderbow
1 ZS Slingfire (OzNerfNerd kit Fitted)
1 Rampage
1 Longstrike
1 Roughcut
1 EAT (OzNerfNerd kit Fitted)
1 Raider
1 Deploy
1 Mega Magnus
1 ZS Hammershot
1 Sweet Revenge
1 Retaliator
1 Maverick
1 ZS Sidestrike
1 ZS Doublestrike
1 Mesenger
1 Quadblaster (swapped with Seiryuu for a blue Stryfe)
1 Jolt
1 Nitefinder
1 Diatron
1 Revonix 360

All of them are stock (Modded ones now have bracketed descriptions), although the Magnus has had its handle and the back end of the slide cut off to allow me to attach it to the longstrike barrel extension.

Bought since original post

1 Demolisher
1 Recon
1 Stampede
1 Rapid Red
2 Elite Spectre
1 ZS Sledgefire
1 ZS Flipfury
1 Mega Bigshock
2 Orange Trigger ZS Magnus's
1 Orange Trigger Cycloneshock
1 XD Triad
1 Sharpfire
1 Crossbolt
1 Longshot
1 Firefly Rev8
1 Big Bad Bow
1 Nitron
1 Proton
1 Praxis
1 Mega Centurion
1 ZS Doominator
1 Vagabond
1 Codebreaker
1 Spylight
1 Sonic Fire Barrel Break
1 Fearless Fire
1 Rival Apollo
1 Barricade
2 Stockade
1 Rebelle Secret Shot
1 Rebelle Guardian Crossbow
1 Rebelle Courage Crossbow
1 Rebelle Wingspeed
1 Reflex
1 Splitstrike
1 First Order Stormtrooper Deluxe

and a Boomco Flipbow & Whipblast

I'm glad I made an inventory now. Razz

Not including Accessories:

1 N-Strike  Stampede WIP
1 Elite  RapidStrike WIP
1 N-Strike  Alpha Trooper 5kg OMW, AR + peg delete, locks removed, de-prime switch added
1 Elite  Alpha Trooper 5kg OMW, AR + peg delete, locks removed, de-prime switch added
1 Elite  Strongarm 6kg OMW, AR + peg delete, many metal priming parts added
1 Dart Tag  Swarmfire Waterborne Remote Fire Drone
1 N-Strike  Jolt           Black Tactical Spring, AR delete
1 Elite  Triad       5kg OMW, peg delete, speed holes
1 N-Strike  Raider        Stock
1 N-Strike  Rayven     WIP
1 Vortex  Revonix   Smooth prime mods
1 N-Strike  Maverick   Black Tactical Spring, AR + peg delete, cylinder hole expansion
2 BuzzBee  Tek 4       Stock
1 Lanard  Ball Blaster Stock

The Swarmfire Remote Drone sounds cool but, to make sure it was ready for the boat mission, I had to build it with some of the shoddiest electrical work possible. It's just a mass of stock wires, solder and electrical tape run from two 9V PP3s on separate circuits. Basically whatever I had/could get from the local shops. Razz

Right here goes,

Vintage Blasters first

Blastfire DX1000 x2
Blastfire DX500
NB-1 x3
NB-1 boxed
Sonic stinger bow
Bow-N-Arrow x2
Bow-N-Arrow NIB
Lightning Blitz
Lightning Blitz boxed
Switchshots Super
Switchshots Ultra NIB
Switchshots Ultra
Switchshots Max
Corner Shooter
Nightfinder Gen 1 x4
Atomizer Slingshot
Triplestrike NIB x2
Triplestrike x2
Maverick Gen1 blue NIB
Secret shot MIB
Secret shot ii x2
Masterblaster NIB
Masterblaster MIB
Crossbow NIB
Maverick Blue
Eagle Eye
Blast Hammer
Electric eel
Small Soldier's SM500
Small Soldier's SM500 NIB
Small Soilders SM5000
Longshot Blue
Supermaxx 250
AT3k Blue
AT3k Silver
Secret strike AS-1 NIB
Secret strike AS-1
Nighfinder Green/Grey  
Nightfinder Blue
Hulk Abomintation NIB
Big-Bad-Bow Original Hyper sight version
Rapid fire AS-20 MIB
Rapid fire AS-20 (red)
Wildfire NIB
Wildfire x2
Supermaxx 1k
Supermaxx 3k (green)
Supermaxx 5k MIB
Ballzooka MP150
Unity Power system (2004)
Firefly Rev-8
Firefly Rev-8 Ironman
Firestorm NIB x2
Firestorm MIB
Fast Blast

And Finally ZAP SNAPS including both projectiles


Vigilon x2
Proton x3
Niton x2
Pyragon MIB
Revonix 360 NIB
Lumitron x2


Switchshot EX-3 x2
Jolt NIB x4
Jolt x3
Attack Unit (x6 Reflex's)
Rayven NIB x2
Eliminator (red)
Eliminator (orange)
Nightfinder (yellow) x6
Havoc fire NIB
Havoc fire x3
Havoc fire (Blastersmiths high rof re-wire etc)
Longstrkie (whiteout series) MIB
Raider x3
Recon (redstrike)
Recon (gear up) x2
Recon x7
Big-Bad-Bow (red)
Scout IX-3 twin pack
Stampede NIB
LS front gun
Barrel Break x2
Barricade x3
Spectre rev-5
Reflex x2
Alpha trooper
Maverick x5


Sweet revenge x2 NIB
Sweet revenge (US import) NIB
Pink Crush
Power Pair
Guardian crossbow
Guardian crossbow (black & white) NIB
Knock out Gallery NIB
Agent bow
Heartbreaker bow
Heartbreaker bow (vine) NIB
Heartbreaker bow (purple) NIB
Heartbreaker bow (Golden edge) NIB
Femme Fire
Angel Aim
Pretty Paisley
Rapid red


Rapidstrike x2 NIB
Retaliator x2
Roughcut (blue)
Roughcut (orange) NIB
Firestrike NIB
Stryfe (blue) NIB
Stryfe (orange) NIB
Rayven NIB
Reflex NIB
Triad (white)
Triad twin pack NIB
Jolt NIB

Elite XD

Rhino Fire

Zombie Strike

Jolt target set x2 NIB
Sidestrike NIB
Double strike NIB

Dart Tag

Hyperfire (blue)
Hyperfire (red)
Sharpshot NIB x2
Sharpshot x3
Speedload 6 NIB x4
Target Tag (x1 jolt)
Dart Dual (x2 jolts)
Furyfire (orange)
Furyfire (green)
Crossfire (orange) x2
Crossfire (red) x2
Crossfire (blue)

Other Nerf

Blazin Bow NIB
Clue Elimnation NIB x4 sets (16 jolts)
Elimination (original x4 Eliminators)
Big-Bad-Bow Hawkeye

Target sets

Quick blast NIB (reflex x2)
Tech Target 1 (mega Eliminator)
Tech Target 1 (mega Elminator) boxed
Tech Target 2 Eliminator x2 boxed
Tech Target 3 Scout IX-3 x3 boxed
Tech Target 4 Reflex IX-1 boxed
Disk shot NIB
Disk shot Value box
Disk shot (loose)
Game Rug (original)
Game rug Blast-em-out


Centurion (US import)
Magnus (US import)
Cyclone Shock (US import)
Magnus UK
Thunder Bow NIB



Rapid Madness x4 NIB


Red5 Pump shotgun
Supasplat chalkdart
Scatterblast Grenade

Possible one or two Ive not written down

If Ive counted right, including all the individual blasters in the sets my total comes to 280 Blasters

Shocked  Shocked  Shocked   Embarassed  Embarassed  Embarassed

It's an illness Honestly

Time for an update

I've slimmed down my collection recently. All I'm left with is;

- long shot: 10kg spring and various AR/bolt sled/etc mods
- rapid strike: BSUK rewiring kit and Rhino motors
- jolt
- maverick (where it all began...)
- Retaliator (with 5kg spring)
- Stock Retaliator
- Sledgefire in bits
- hammershot

And a selection of curved, drum and straight mags, and more darts than I need (according to my wife).

May be I do need another blaster after all....

So now i'm waiting for my Rough Cut to arrive

oukie wrote:

(everything released under the Nerf brand in the last 20 years)

Seriously, thats how I parsed that…

Unless UKNW comes out with his full inventory, oukie wins :p

Oukie can have it. I can't be bothered to count.

I will say that one day, I'd like to take all of my stuff to Oukie's house for an obscene photo of the UK's two largest collections. It'll be pretty big. We might need NASA's help to photograph it all.

I do want to to photograph it all together but argh it would take all day, it took me several hours to go through it all, just listing what I had on several sheets of paper, releasing some from various hiding places, tbh I knew I had a lot but when I counted everything, I was shocked. Some of it is/will be for sale pretty much just N strike stuff though.

As for the oukie has everything from the last twenty years.

I think I only have 60%, there are a lot of vintage blasters that I want, pretty much all of them only seem to come up for sale in the USA.

Can't sleep, so up late. 2am here. Lol.  So here goes:

-Rapidstrikes.  Lots of them, won't say =).  Though 2 of them modified Blades and BlasterTECH loom kit, other one stock motors and BlasterTECH loom kit.
-Demo. In progress with Sharks
-Rayven.  Stock
-Strongarm.  2x. one posts removed other stock.
-Retaliator. 5kg spring ar removed.
-Stryfe.  3x. One Xtreme pro 180's & BlasterTECH loom kit, BSUK 180 motor cover and battery tray expander.  2nd Tamiyas & BlasterTECH loom kit. 3rd stock.
-Vulcan.  Stock
-Magnus.  Stock
-Sidestrike.  Stock
-Roughcut.  Stock
-Rebelle heatbreaker bow. Stock
-Rebelle Xbow.  Stock
-Rebelle agent bow.  Stock
-Rebelle messenger. Stock

Think thats it.

Ok I might get told off for nercoing an old thread but, it's one that is very useful to me.
Purely just to keep an up to date record of my collection.

I mean, I spent several hours compiling the list for this thread.

Could it possibly be stickyed so any members can contribute there collections in list format.

I have just edited my post and added another 4 New blasters to the list.

Sticky done. I think one post per person and keep it strictly to bragging rights, no discussion from here on out. Smile I'll clean up the topic when I'm not on a mobile device. Smile

Thanks for the sticky Boff  Very Happy

Just one question, is this thread really off topic?

For now, yes. I'm planning a clean up of a few stickys once I've had a chat with folks in the A&M team in the new year. I'll see what comes of it and I'll move accordingly.

Making this list I've realised a fair bit of my collection isn't actually Nerf.

Blasters I own
- 2x stryfe (one rewired and new motors, the other stock apart from lock removal)
- 2x EAT
- Strongarm
- Sidestrike
- Nitefinder (AR removal, plunger padded and spring upgrade)
- Sharpshot + jolt incorporated (AR removed)
- Double Strike
- Quick 16
- Lumitron

Non Nerf stuff
- Buzzbee double shot (Sawn down)
- Buzzbee Hawk
- Huntsman 50
- Blaze Storm Barricade Rev 10 (rewired)
- Blaze Storm Snapfire 8
- Boomco Farshot
- Lanard X8
- Lanard Sonic Bazooka
- Tek Recon Hammerhead

Just updated my collection list again, any other members want to list their collections?

EAT (5kg spring)
Retaliator (5kg spring)
Mega magnus

Xshot micro

Wife thinks I have to many but there is still loads I want.

Possibly a Rapidstrike next, would like it modded but crap with electrics possibly something to pass onto someone more capable.

Regards bracket

bracket wrote:

Wife thinks I have to many but there is still loads I want.

Point her in the direction of my list (page 1) then ask her if she still thinks you have to many. My wife has given up Laughing

Actually my wife aides and abets me know.

Just updated my list, 24/10/15

Necroing? Idk.

Alpha trooper
Elite Alpha trooper
nite finder
jolt x2
hail fire
some transformer one thats a plane
stryfe x5
medium vortex one
hammershot x2
roughcut x2
Dart Tag sharpshot/fire (idk what ending)

Prob some more i forgot.

Nothing wrong with a necro!

Starting with my favourite!

Lots of Jolts (One of which currently ARd with Front Gun and Havok Fire Battery Door Spring - it kicks!)
Old Rayven x2 (Run on 3 Efests Plus Dummy)
Hammershot x2 (Both stock spring plus HavokFire or Jolt spring)
Mega Cyclone (Stock plus 5kg retal spring)
RapidStrike x2
Roughcut x2
Sledgefire x2
Rapid Red x2
Longshot (ARd and quad-spring inc stock, stampede and two others which just fit for the silliness of it)
ZS Longshot
Yellow Longshotx2
Firefly x2 (One plus nitefinder spring)
Sonic Deploy
Small star wars blaster and a couple of other small jolt-like blasters

That's all folks!

Mine's very changable, just because of hte way I like to buy and sell stuff but I suppose the core is:

Oznerfnerd Elite Longshot
180'd Stryfe
Rapid Red with barricade motors on lipo
Packhacked Rapidstrike (working on a proper 180'd one but paint be slow)
Fearless Fire with falcons on AA equivalents (for low power use- 2 14500 lifepos for FDT, 3 IMRs for everything else)
Rapidfire 20 (doesn't work properly, still fun)
Worker pump Retaliator with OMW spring
Gavinfuzzy pump Recon Mk2 with OMW spring- work in progress, not happy with the performance, it'll replace the Retal if it comes together
ACC-sprung Sweet Revenge and random minimised, blasterparts-sprung AR removed hammershot- was like that when I bought it.
Resprung EAT
Stock Speedswarm, Swarmfire, Element, Vulcan, Flipfury, Sharpshot, Rapid Reds, 4Victories, and Jolt- some are awaiting mods.

Stock EAT- my first blaster, keeping it stock. The rest can all come and go.

And an embarassing amount of biambs- Blasters In A Million Bits

Stickies are exempt from the necro rule, just FYI. Smile

Personal kit list:
EAT w/Raider stock & 5kg upgrade spring
'Erebus' red and white Rapidstrike with Falcon 130 motors and 2200mAh 3S LiPo
Stryfe in matching red and white paint job with Falcon 130 motors and 1000mAh LiPo with Worker flywheels
Stock Strongarm

Both paint jobs done by OldNoob.

Quick 16 with Blastersmiths upgrade spring
2x stock Modulus blasters
Cycloneshock with Blastersmiths upgrade spring and rebarreled for elites with receipt roll tubes
Bigshock double springed with a stock spring and Tek-6 spring, and rebarreled with receipt roll tube
Bug Attack double barrel thing with 4Victory AR, double springed, and with a pistol grip.
Element EX-6 with a double spring and receipt roll tube barrel recessed into the AR housing
Rewired stryfe with stock motors and 7.2v NiMH pack.
Hammershot with an airsoft spring, the coils on it are 4mm in diamater and its getting full compression.

Well, thats all my working and notable blasters, anyway. There are plenty more but they're in disuse.


What I take to use:
Demolisher - gavin fuzzy mag lever, locks removed, dart skirt removed, 2imrs
EAT - AR + BS spring
Rampage - AR + hole seal + BS spring + half prime lock removed
Longshot - AR + hole seal + extra springs (recon, stampede front spring, rampage)
Sledgefire - repositioned eject spring to give more oomph to the eject

What my son takes:
Hammershot - added jolt or nitefinder spring spring, 7 shot barrel next month
Triad - BS spring

Loaner box:
Raider - AR + hole seal
Retaliator - going to old_man_nerf
Retaliator - AR
Doominator - barrel advance lock removed, will get a BP spring for this next month
Elite cam - 2 imr's, needs a battery door
Fearless fire - 2 imr's
Roughcut - hole seal, still trying to get BS kit to work
Flip fury
Guardian crossbow
Stampede - 4 imr's, BS spring in back, old back spring on front

Loaner box 2:
4 strongarms
Nitefinder - EAT spring?
Elite jolt - AR, triad spring
3 jolt
Rebelle 'firestrike'

2 dart tag pump action
4 dart tag pistol
2 scout pistol
2 reflex pistol
2 other pistols
2 longshot front barrel pistol
Barrel break
Strongheart bow
Agent bow

In pieces:

EAT - BSUK Spring + Catch, Lock Removal, Raider Stock
EAT - BSUK Spring + Catch, Super Soaker Stock + sight
Strife - Unmodified
Rough Cut - Unmodified
2x Nite Finder - Unmodified
Nite Finder - Stock EAT addition Spring, Improved Seal

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