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Sledgefire Mod

Afternoon all.  Is this anyone's on here... because I'm not a fan of Sledgefire but this is cool and looks very fun.

Erm, yep, that's mine. Was going to add some pics to the forum but was struggling to post images from my phone.....

Still a work in progress.....

Excellent. Randomly found it in User Sub and thought it may be "one of ours".

Seriously it looks super cool and I bet it's a tonne of fun.

Sorry for prematurely stealing your thunder. But I was very excited to see it.

That looks EPIC!

It's fine. I just need to link up the air chamber to the missile for it to be fully operational. Hence my request the other day for demolisher internals.

That looks amazing!!
daniel k

This is what I class as a "sure, why not?" Mod Very Happy

I love the use of lego.

Without the fins, I find that the rockets fly terribly

If it works at all, fins or no fins, I'll be amazed! In our minds eye we were creating an m79 grenade launcher, Nerf style. Breech loading has proven problematic so we had to skip that. But for creating something that I don't think anyone has done before I'm prepared to make some compromises Smile

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