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So I'm buying..

So I'm buying software for the call center I'm starting. Any tips on what I should be looking for? Like what features? And can you recommend me some good brands/companies?

Cisco do a great job at my office

Mittskinned, I've just had a look over your profile and noticed something a bit odd...

You've never posted anything about Nerf or the hobby in general. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with this but I can't help but wonder why you ask specific questions about software on a Nerf forum.

Again, nothing wrong with this. After all, it's what the 'Off Topic' forum is for, but I can't help but wonder if you'd get better answers to these questions on a more relevant forum.

I mostly just read the stuff about Nerf. I've never needed info about it so I haven't asked. And I don't have any other forum accounts so I just post here. :/
Anyway, I've already contacted Interactive Intelligence but I'll look into Cisco as well.

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