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So time for a demolisher motor decision...

Finally put in some good work on the shell of my demolisher, which let me decide what paint to go with,  which means I need to really decide what to do about motors and batteries. TELL ME WHAT TO THINK Laughing

The goal is performance + looks, basically, and a good balance of the 2- this is nominally a primary, as much as I need such a thing considering that it'll probably be too pretty and too powerful for FDT games. Definitely sunday best, for now.

So... I have some 3240 180s, some meishels and some falcons. Happy to buy something else but these seem like the cool guys. I also have a 2S pack for it though I'm not tied to that either (a zippy compact 35C, IIRC, give or take a few C)

I want to retain the outline- meaning 130s and standard battery compartment. Not 100% but that's my ideal.

So I'm thinking meishels and 2S is the way to go, but I'd like to be a wee bit more confident of what performance loss I'll have compared to the 180s... And also I will admit I have no clue about 3S batteries for hte demolisher as I've lost all my measurements and can't easily redo just now, so I don't know if there's a potent flattish 3S I could squeeze in there? That'd obviously open up the falcons

Soooo.... Any thoughts? Oh, full rewire, in case it needed to be said.

Cheers for the advice!

If you want 2S it's Meishel or 3240, falcons need 3S. The downside is that Meishels will have less torque than 3240s. They'll reach the same RPM so max velocities, give or take a few fps, will be the same but you'll loe out on reaction times. Initial start-up and recovery spin-up between shots will be slower than with 180s. In a semi-auto that's not as much of a problem as it's unlikely you'll be firing off three darts in the space of 0.3 seconds.

What's the capacity of the pack? I'd hazard a guess at around 10A stall current per Meishel so you'd need something in the region of 750+mAh for a 35C pack.

Yeah, I'm not tied to 2S but I do have the kit already so it's the convenient and cheaper option, that's for sure.

Had a look and I'm pretty sure it's a 35C (45C burst), 850ah, zippy compact. I can confirm that tomorrow though when I'm back home but it's going to be in that ballpark.

It looks like options for a 3S pack to go in the standard battery box are pretty limited tbh- there's a few that'll work but all quite low capacity. Best I can find is a rhino 610ma but only 20C, getting above that means 500ma and 25C... I guess the 20C is adequate looking at the stats...

(this is all based on a theoretical size for the battery box rather than measured, stupidly I've deleted that...)

A 20C 610mAh pack will give you 12.2A and a 25C 500mAh pack will give you 12.5A. Both definitely on the low side for a pair of 3S motors like falcons (a 610mAh pack would need at least 32C burst). Fitting a 3S pack is definitely tricky with a Demolisher which is partly why 2S motors like the 3240s and the Meishels are so popular.

You can get a tray expander from BSUK if you want 3s. That 2s pack is perfectly good for Meishels or 180's. I would get the motor cover and go 180 with it. Falcons are NOT available from BSUK but if you are needing to put a tray expander on you might as well cut the other half of the shell and have the blades at 2s!

Are falcons available? Last time I checked blastersmiths they were out of stock.

We are indeed out of stock and Cthulu knows when we're getting more. I'm actually going to have to take them off the website to stop us getting buried in requests for them.

If OP already had the Falcons then I'll second the calls for those, they're best 130 motor I've ever come across and use them regularly in my own kit. Smile

Hi guys, thanks for the feedback so far!

Just to clarify, as I mentioned I do already have all the various motors. The only things I don't have, is a 3S battery that fits (if I were to go with the falcons) or shell expanders (if I were to do that). I'm not tied to doing it with bits I have, this just means supply isn't a consideration.

My take from posts so far is that 180 is probably the top performance option but that both 130s are reasonable performing/viable options. If that's a reasonable conclusion then I will stay 130 for this blaster just to retain the shell shape. That decision effectively rules out battery expansion too for me, it's both or neither. This is what I thought before the thread so hopefully I'm not just bias-confirming!

But I don't see a consensus on whether to go meishel or falcon. With unlimited battery choice, it's falcon, I think. But with the standard battery tray, I'm not sure, I think there's a little disagreement there? Battery could be a decider


If the above decisions/interpretations are sound then it basically comes down to a straight choice:

Meishels with 35C/850mah 2S battery
Falcons with 20C/610mah 3S battery
Falcons with 25C/500mah 3S battery

(er, these are all different brands so hopefully they're all accurate and comparable numbers between Zippy, Turnigy and Rhino...)

Aside... I'm not against shell expansion in general and other blasters will go that way but I don't think the Demo lends itself as well, I think it ends up looking an awful lot less nice than say a BSUK rapidstrike 180 cover. A bit too "box stuck on the side" No criticism of the people producing the parts, this, it's the character of the blaster itself. And I'm choosing the demo over the stryfe for ergonomic and looks reasons anyway so that biases the whole deal.

Generally 3240s>falcons>Meishels.

If the 3S packs have a high enough burst discharge rate then go with the falcons. A pair of falcons on 3S will draw up to 17A at start up so you'd want the 500mAh pack to have at least a 35C burst rating or the 610mAh pack to have at least a 30C burst rating to be able to supply the startup current.

If not then that 2S pack will be able to supply up to around 30A continuous which is easily enough for a pair of Meishels.

Hmm. OK, both of the 3S batteries are bang on that minimum spec...

I think, the solution may be why not both? For the sake of an 8 3S battery and a little time. So I think, outcome for now is that I'll build it with the meishels initially, and just see how that goes but when I have the time I'll swap it over to falcons to try

Correct me if I'm wrong oldnoob, but can't you do a coverless FK180 install in a demo, between the motors sitting deeper into the demo cage and the presence of the outer shell?

I didn't bother, because I wanted the cover and vents anyway. The motors do protrude, given the fragility of the tags I felt a cover was better. Some clever kid probably has, but I thought the extra space was worth it. The current cover design is not very pretty however. A home made one would be neater.

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