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So, what does a good Nerf war look like?

What I've noticed is, on this forum alone we've got a few people in/around my area, probably enough to do something fun. But I've really no clue what a good, small war looks like- how many people, how long, how big and what sort of space you want.

I'm not committing to organising things  Laughing I have an organisey job, it might be I can't be arsed to organise anything outwith that any more. But you never know.  I work for a decent sized university so I could possible swing some access to sports halls, not to mention possible punters. And I figured it might be an interesting conversation anyway.

So- what's your entry level Nerf war? And at what level does it become just a bit crap, like that bit in Grosse Point Blank in the kitchen?

Open space, moderate amount of cover and 10-15 people in my experience. 2 of the finest fields I've ever played on were around the big tree in Greenwich Park back at BAGW1 in 2013 (RM2 Stryfes for the win!) and the Anson Rooms here at the University of Bristol's Students' Union.

The Anson rooms were great because we had access to a butt tonne of moveable tables and chairs and it's a full sized sports hall. The large space and plenty of options for cover resulted in a wonderfully varied arena from open infection games to KOTH games with cover so dense it was like fighting the Battle of fucking Berlin sometimes. You're all using kit optimised to closed space HvZ to fight your way across a sports hall which is the complete opposite for what you want. You lack suppressing fire (because you don't use it in closed quarters HvZ); EATs and Longstrikes are everywhere and you've got no damned grenades. It was awesome!

Greenwich Park was great because we had a fucking great tree in the middle and then open space. You had a much more open game with faster flowing combat that relied a lot more on cardio than the blasters. It was there I learned that CTF in meat space is shite and should die in a fire. Very Happy #kothmasterrace

The enemy of any good war is the same thing over and over again. BUZAN plays a lot of infection but we break it up with HvH game types and we have different forms of HvZ, too. We have the option to move our cover around and mix up the teams on the HvH games.

The main thing, really is the people. People who are up for it and equipped with something that isn't a Maverick. Very Happy

tl;dr Flexibility in your play space so things don't get stale and good people

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