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So what makes the perfect "stock" dart foam?

Was thinking about this while playing with various elites, kooshes and voberries... What really makes the perfect elite-sized dart foam, for universal use? (ie, not just for springers or for flywheels, not just for highly tuned blasters...)

Generous size seems important for springers for a better fit, and doesn't generally seem problematic for flywheels. Hole in the middle required for lots of pistol types. But there, I run out of clear ideas. Frinstance, is weight beneficial (for stability and momentum) or disadvantageous (because it's harder to accelerate or messes with balance). Stiffness helps them keep their shape, until they get stomped on or jammed, softer could have better recovery but possibly at a cost.

And straight out daft question, what are the darts made of? Polyethelene?

Early days just now but some of our work suppliers produce custom foam products and deal in sensibly small quantities, so you can see where I'm going. But I don't feel like I can can come up with a genuinely good spec, other than just giving them a current koosh and saying "100 metres of that please".

Obviously no promises made but I figure it could be worth a bit of time.

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