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Sock Bombs

Morning everyone.

Not sure where to start with this, so I'll jump straight in.  I've seen Sock Bombs / Grenades used quite a lot in videos of Nerf Wars in the USA, but not so much here.  And I thought that it would be really cool to make some.

So with the help of Mrs NN113, I set about trying to make something that had the right heft, not too heavy, but not too light and made out of the right material.  The first version was made using a sock stuffed with a sock, this was fine until I moved onto stage 2 of my project - where to carry these emergency projectiles???

So Mrs NN113 sewed some velcro to the sock and to my sling mount for me... you can just make out the black on black velcro here:

The problem with this, is that the sock material is elasticated and does not react well to being sewed.  So we moved onto version 2... using an old pair of boxer shorts.  This was so much better, as you can see here:

You can see on the final picture below the version 1 sock on the left (all misshapen) and the 2 version 2 "socks" on the right.

I took this along to BB4, and it was super cool to wear, making me feel like Rambo.  If only I could remember to use them when I run out of darts...
UK Foam

Now I'm getting a chest rig I might have to follow suit!

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