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SOLD OUT FDT - Edinburgh - Saturday 29th August

Decided to take a break over Summer as little chance of many people being around, so our next skatepark event will be at the end of August once the Edinburgh schools are back.

Tickets are already on sale and I've sold a few - if anyone from out of town wants to make the journey let me know and we'll help out with accommodation:

Haven't had time to look at the video from May's event but as mentioned previously it'll be an FPS special given the same Dad wore it on the chesty all night Smile

Should be up for that, anyone else? Last time was ace, it'd be good to have a couple of other folks there to make it feel less weird though  Laughing

Northwind wrote:
Should be up for that, anyone else? Last time was ace, it'd be good to have a couple of other folks there to make it feel less weird though  Laughing

I'm expecting some more adults into the mix at the next one NW Smile

Only 2 tickets left for this indoor skate park event next Saturday - and I've decided to throw a few of my inflatable cubes into the mix to alter the terrain slightly - should be good!

Any Scottish Britnerfers fancy coming along?

Not sure I can make it, you'll probably sell out before I know... Will keep an eye on it though!

Whether we sell out or not I'll make space for you mate - no worries Smile

Event SOLD OUT - looking at around 45 players  Very Happy

So Saturday night was again I think the best skate park event we have run.

By numbers:

45 - tickets sold
43 - actual players
2 - refunds offered that we're declined, more than once
4 - inflatable cubes scattered across terrain
4 - number of referees
900 - starting Elite darts
750 - darts counted on Sunday post event
2 - players that ran with mods
1 - Zombie Slingfire modded by ON in play
4 - scenarios ran through
3 - players who brought MEGA blasters and their own darts.

Feedback was amazing - really happy with how these events are going. The Domination game (guarding the timer) turned into an absolute war - bibs team came up with 2 wins though with some great strategies.

Cubes were a pain to inflate and deflate but I knew this in advance, not sure I would bring them again.

MEGA blasters really didn't make that much difference. My 13yo used his MEGA bow for the first game, and although range was good, he decided he preferred to use the RS (after trying the bow I would have done the same - not a fan at all).

The cool thing was of the 43 who played, around 15 were FDT virgins - they all said they loved it and would be back.

Looking to book another for November as I'm busy every Saturday from now til then. Video will be posted up when I have completed it. Tried a few new angles with the Go Pro but my heart is set on a drone....

Well done! That sounded like a lot if fun. 900 isn't very many darts, I have 1200 for 10 players.
I have now play tested the Gen3 Koosh dart and can confirm its as good as elite for tip glue and the foam is better. Your dart loss figures are a bit alarming too, you should get some dart bags, it cut my losses a load when I banned people from putting them in pockets.
Looking forward to seeing the footage. Let me know if you ever want any more blasters for prizes etc. I should send you a full house RS to play with.

I think there were 40 players when I was last there, but no megas... 900 isn't a huge number but it works well with FDT's format, especially since in the skate park they tend to gather up in the same places so that gives the games a bit more movement/reason to move. I never felt like more were needed, really.

There's probably quite a lot of dart stomping happening, probably accounts for more attrition than actual firing? Pocketing is banned, but, kids.

I was one of the FDT virgins mentioned and must say it was a great night. The last couple of years I've not had much chance to get involved in large scale foam flinging (there is only so much fun you can have at home with stock blasters) so we will (myself and my son) defo be back for more. Feeling a bit inspired and already working on a couple of new mods for the next event and also decided to join the forum properly instead of just lurking about. Cheers guys.

Thanks for taking the time to reply guys, and thanks to Al for joining the forum Smile

Will reply properly when I have time, but ON I could do with a link to those Gen3 kooshs - ta!

Again, due to being incredibly busy, here's the video from the August event.

Everyone look for Al at 2.04 taking a headshot Smile

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