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SOLD OUT! Foam Dart Thunder - Edinburgh - Fri 23rd September

Due to the overwhelming demand for TP 18 on Sat 24th Sept, I've had to add an event the night before, now known as TP 18.5!

Tickets go on sale tonight at 21:00:

shouldn't it be 18 beta?

Incredible news though that demand is so high

Haha, 18.5 was up on FB before I really thought about it.

It won't sell out but if we get a decent turn out it will be worth it so that my regulars who missed out on the initial sale can get a good event.

Wow. 50 tickets sold out of the 60 on sale. 110 tickets sold over 2 nights of Nerfage in Edinburgh.

This is crazy.

But its before TP18 so doesn't that make it 17.9 ?? 🤔

Nearly all gone, 7 left.

How many people have booked a ticket for both nights?

1 left. Yikes.

I don't believe anyone is playing both nights.

Better start seeing what the Sunday opening times are like...... 😀

Looks like fun, think I'll have to see if I can time a visit to the grandparents in Glasgow with one of your other events, not sure I can justify to the misses a 15 hour round trip to go nerfing 😕

Awesome!, 119 unique players over the two nights just shows how much of a community you have built up there and how popular you've become. Well done guys!

Make that 120 - sell out Smile

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