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SOLD OUT! Foam Dart Thunder - Edinburgh - Sat 27th February

I didn't even have a chance to share this event with you guys - it went on sale last night and sold out all 40 tickets within 9 minutes!

I'm now adding more for my regulars who couldn't get tickets but that will be it. Looking at 60 players now!

It feels like I crossed into "new territory" with that quick sell out. I seem to have created a bit of demand up in Edinburgh! Now to roll out across Scotland.....

Wow, awesome!

I'm hoping that one day my daughters climbing competitions in scotland synch up with a FDT event so I can join in

Well I'm going to ask for the first Saturday of the month so if that helps let me know. Or ping me a pm with dates and I'll see what I can do Smile

Any decent indoor skate parks in Leeds? Wink

You must be doing something right  Laughing Congrats

Wow, this was amazing it sold out so quick, as Northwind said you must be doing something right Smile I managed to get a couple of the first 40 so we will see you there, looking forward to it. Im currently trying to rebarrel a couple of the bargain 7.50 Cycloneshocks I picked up so should be fun giving them a try out, might get them painted if I have time.

Video is still under production, but I had my photographer buddy come along and take some pics.
They're up on FB:

I'm the baldy in the last pic Smile

War video is up:

Frankly, this looks amazing. I've looked into skate parks around Leeds. I wish we had one this size...

You need to bring a squad up north 😉

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