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SOLD OUT! Foam Dart Thunder - Edinburgh - Sat 4th June

It's back to our favourite venue, Transgression Park, on 4th June.

Tickets go on sale this Wednesday 18th May at 21:00 as usual. Link to follow Smile

I know BigAl can't make it, but Rab will be back. Anyone else?

All 60 tickets sold out in 55 minutes. Speechless.

You're going to need a glastonbury style ticket system soon...


Can the skate park host you more frequently? Are there other similar sized venues? Can you build your own venue?  because that's saying to me that people love these events and want more!

Awesome. The skatepark events are great fun and this shows how much, even refereeing them is a good night but obviously more fun joining in the action Very Happy

Must be a new record!

Ref duty this time, as Al says though thats a blast too and only fair to take my turn 😊

I think I'll need some kind of concealed carry pocket rocket for maintaining order ☺

The troops are already looking forward to it.

Yeah it's definitely the quickest we've sold out 60.

I've thought about the "get our own venue" thing numerous times, but we're hiring a venue for 3 hours on a Saturday night once a month. We've created demand, but we don't have to pay the bills or hire staff etc. How would we fill that venue the rest of the time? Birthday parties could be done at the weekend, but during the week it would have to be a soft play area or something to get people in during the week. I just don't want to commit to that given I'm very happy in my full time job. If someone came in and took over FDT, which I'm open to, then they could decide but for now I won't be looking for my own venue.

The skate park could potentially host us more frequently but do you then reduce demand if you do these twice a month? And who runs them? I don't have time to do 2 a month.

It's definitely frustrating that I can't run FDT full time because, for some reason I can't explain, running events is something I love to do and I definitely think I've hit on something big here. I have so many ideas for regular leagues etc that I wish I had more time and maybe some clones to go off and run with them Smile

I've been advised to franchise it but that takes a lot of time and money to set up properly. And this was never about making dough, it was about giving my kids somewhere bigger to play Nerf and it's done that.

War vid is up Smile

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