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Anyone else remember it being MUCH easier in DT lessons?


As someone who has gone from having no idea to being capable of a full Stryfe rewire I would recommend watching a few soldering specific YouTube videos first. Then make sure you have a decent iron, a set of helping hands, and the leaded solder. All makes it a bit easier.
Keep going and take your time!

My dad taught me when I turned 11. Haven't looked back since.
It's like any skill, it is perishable and practice improves it a lot. I have still melted a few pricey parts over the years!
The Dark Kitten

I thnks its the controlled environment, the constant reminded of what to do right and the fact that (in my DNT lessons) everything is on a circuit board so has something to push solder through.

Nope. Other way round for me. My soldering sucked at school and it kept sucking until I started the company and got a shite tonne of practice. Very Happy

Need to get me one of those clamps.

First time I've used an iron in 17 years... One of the most satisfying things I've done recently (time with wife and baby aside!) Lots to learn and relearn though...

Thanks for the tips on the tutorial and encouragement! Loving it ^_^

Much easier... Probably because my chisel on my iron is waaayyyy to big though compared to the ones at school.

I just use self gripping surgical forceps for holding stuff. For circuit board work a bare crock clip in the component leg holds it in place and acts as a heat sink. I have thus far not needed a holding tool in Nerf, the stuff is too big.

That sounds much cheaper! Thanks, I'll be doing that instead ^_^

Also tip shape on your iron makes a big difference. Avoid cheap chisel points like the plague, get one shaped like this. and use a separate flux either paste or a syringe for lead free.

Right... I think they've given me some of this. It's like peach jelly colour. What do you do with it? Do you just melt it on as insulation or something?

Joining two wires, take the wire, strip the insulation, dip in/apply by syringe the flux, apply your solder to "tin" the wire end. Butt the two tinned wires up together, then add a bit of flux, then apply solder, melt the two together, cool. Alternated method, remove insulation, separate the strands of the wire into two, twist the 4 wire ends together, 2 at a time. Apply flux. Apply solder to join. Done. Obviously add heat shrink first.
Joining wires to component or motor tags- Strip insulation, dip in flux, tin wire with solder. Dab flux on component tag, apply thin layer of solder to tag. Add heat shrink. Put a bit of flux on the tinned wire end,   then hold the wire on the tag, dab a bit of solder on the tip of the iron, touch the wire until it melts onto the tag, then remove the heat. Done.
If you are joining wire to anything I would flux and tin first. There's a reason I have never had any blaster returned for a failed solder join.

Wow. I've just watched a video on using flux. That's amazing. What size of heat shrink is best for 16-18 AWG wires?

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