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Solent Nerf Club - Game #1 Westborne Sat 11th June

After getting some interest in our event planning post we have set Saturday 11th June as the game date, however we have had a slight change to location as instead we will be playing in the grassy area just off westborne road, PO10 7RU as this is a much larger space that offers more cover.

Contrary to the Aerial photo the area doesn't currently look like a building site instead more like this:

We plan to start at 13:00 and run up until 17:30 depending on how people feel.

Eye pro required
under 16's will require a parent/guardian accompanying them and 16 - 18's will need some form of consent. Print off consent forms here
Blaster limits are ~125fps, we don't have a chrono so can't be precise but if its unsafe for play around members of the public don't bring it.
Blasters that are in realistic/ non bright colours will not be allowed.
Feel free to bring your own darts though we will have a supply of Koosh available.
We would also recommend you bring suitable footwear as the ground is quite uneven.

For further information and updates check out the facebook page:

Can i just say that joining the facebook group is advised as all polls and additional information will be posted on there.

This would be great for me as it's only 45mins away by train - sadly I'm busy on the 11th, but will be up for it another time.

thephatmaster wrote:
This would be great for me as it's only 45mins away by train - sadly I'm busy on the 11th, but will be up for it another time.

As long as all goes well we'll be running more games in the future, hopefully at least one a month.

Just by the way, I'm more gutted than you realise that I wont be there this Saturday. I used to live in Sandown IoW so I think it's ace that this is going on and you've named yourself after the dear old Solent ^_^

If you do it monthly, I might be able to come down over the summer... we're visiting the Island in July or August! I know it's far in advance, but keep me posted!

We'll be posting all our wars on Britnerf so keep an eye out or join the facebook page (sorry we keep pushing it but its just an easier ways to assess attendance and we can post more information and updates more frequently) which would be awesome.

Final call for tomorrow's game, make sure to bring water and snacks etc. Hope to see you there!

Good luck tomorrow, remember, it doesn't matter how many of you turn up, it doesn't matter whether the games you play work or not, it's about having fun.

Take the time to compare blasters, and discuss what blasters you want and what mods you want to do. Discuss what you want to get out of these kind of wars. Figure out what everyone's talents are and utilise them in the future!

Suggested game types, for small groups are...

HvZ, give the zombies a 5 second stun time, followed by a 5 second immunity. Give th human a jolt and a limited supply of darts. They can only reload from fired darts. Take it in turns being the human and see who survives the longest

Jelly baby deathmatch, though we splash out with Jaffa Cakes up north Smile
Each player has their own pot of goodies, repawn time is however long it takes to get to their pot and eat it, be it a sweet, biscuit or crisps. Play until you run out of goodies a thu lives

But most importantly... have fun!

Have fun today, guys! Have a blast daan saaf! ^_^

Have fun guys!

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