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Solent Wars 2: Invasion of the Grockles Sat 13th Aug on IoW

This could well be the Southern most Nerf event in the UK so far this year (anyone had one in Cornwall anywhere yet?). The antithesis to Grim Up Nerf: The Solent War Daan Saaf!

Solent Wars 2: Invasion of the Grockles Saturday 13th August, 1500 until 1800 Newport, Isle of Wight. †

What do Grockles do when it's summer? They invade the gorgeous Vectis armed with foam blasters!!

We'll be Nerfing at a venue near Newport, in roughly the center of the Caulkhead's homeland. Shuttle services for invaders will be provided by justajolt from Ryde or East Cowes ferry terminals. Contact jolt to get a discussion going about this ASAP so we can make it a smooth operation. Bus connections aren't great anywhere on the Island, so let me know if you need a hand or pointer.

One or two loaner blasters will be available, but no-where near as many as seem to be at other events, so let someone know you need to borrow one if you're struggling for something to fling foam with.

There will be a limited dart pool supplied from the magical refilling GuN dart bag(c), but we don't know how it will respond to conditions down south, so it may not refil at the legendary rate we've heard about. On that basis, I advise all attendees to bring 100 darts with them, which will go into a temporary community pool and we'll try to send you home with as close to as many as you came with as possible. PLEASE NO FVJs. They are the devil.

Limited eye protection will be available (10 pairs). Please bring your own if you have it. It's on the Isle of Wight, though, so should the worst come to the worst, we can go home with eye patches and no one will know the difference so long as we carry our blasters home in barrels under our arms. (Please don't be offended by this! I used to live on the Island, so I'm just saying what I saw.)

Because of the above, if your blaster is stupidly over powered, we will ask you to use another one! I'm happy to discuss particulars regarding FPS with attendees if wanted, and then I'll have the final say.

There currently won't be any charge due to this being a once off event. Like I said earlier, bring at least 100 darts each and that should be enough with thorough dart sweeps between games. Bring cookies instead.

Date and Time
Saturday 13th August 1500 - 1800

The war will be located at the Church of the Latter-Day Saints chapel, at Chestnut Close, Newport, Isle of Wight, Hampshire.

This event will be free to attend. Bring cookies in lieu of this costing anything.

Loaner Blasters
There will be a limited selection of front-loading springer blasters at the event.

Expect a variety of new games. Game rules will be explained before each round. †

Safety and Behaviour
1 - We expect blasters to be in original or brightly coloured schemes, with an orange tip. I.e. nothing (weapon or clothing) to alarm the locals or other building users. We wonít be slowing down to assess performance so if youíre primary is modded and there is any chance it might be judged as over powered make sure you have a backup on hand.
2 - No FVJ darts.
3 - Eye protection is required and some will be provided, glasses users do so at their own risk.
4 - Anyone under 18 requires parental permission, and under 16's require a chaperone. Consider it an excuse to get your dad or mum playing.
5 - Between games you are expected to help recover and reload darts. Weapons must be holstered, slung, or placed on tables in an unloaded state between games.
6 - If it's not your's, don't touch it without asking
7 - Any abusive, threatening or rascist (or Islandist/Mainlandist) behaviour won't be tolerated. Especially by Grockles.
8 - By attending, we consider this acceptance of the above rules, and your acknowledgement that Nerfing is not without risk, and that you are playing under your own will, and will not hold anyone else liable for any injuries that occur.
9 - Grockles are not permitted to remove Caulkheads from the Island as trophies.
10 - And above all else, it's only a game, have fun, and donít be a silly billy!‎

I've booked the hovercraft over so I should be in Ryde around 14:20 if I could get a lift to the site that would be much appreciated.

I'll be bringing all my spare darts though I should warn a lot of them are well worn so I can't promise any sort of quality, I'll also see how many spare blasters I can bring though I'll be limited by bag space so it might just be my stryfe and a load of pistols which I can lend out (bar my sidestrike, its my main stay secondary).

I know its just over a week but I'm, starting to get excited for this  Very Happy

Fantastic! I'll be there to pick you up at the hovercraft landing site.

That great about the loaners too! See how many you can get in comfortably and that would be great. See if you can mark them with in some way too. I want you to go home with everything you bring!

Thanks, I think some of the others maybe joining me on the same crossing but can't say for certain yet.

I'm normally not satisfied with one loadout for every game so I'll be sure to bring as many as possibly can. Apart from marking my clips, my blaster selection is fairly unique I would say (either in terms of blasters themselves, add ons or mods) so I'm not too worried that they'll get lost or mixed up.

I can't wait for this. My stryfe will be out of action but I have my stock rapid strike Smile I'll also be leaving straight from work to try get to the ferry for 2:30

It's gonna be amazing, North! I'm excited to meet you Solent Nerfers!

Is that a departure or arrival time?

I'd like to get everyone at the same time if possible...

That's arrival time but I can make my own way to the site. Just I have work until 2 Saturday so might be pushed for time,

I meant arrival on the Island! I can get you no problem if that's when you get there... The busses to Newport from Ryde are better than average, but still stinky in terms of regularity!

well i have work at 9-2 so i'm going to see if i can work 8-1 to give me plenty of time to get to the hovercraft with the others, i'm even taking all my gear to work with my so i dont have to go home ha ha!

Pm me and I'll return pm with my number so we can coordinate on the day and make sure we find each other. The same to anyone else who wants to grab the IOW Nerf Shuttle.

My body is ready.

Have a great way guys!

Justajolt, I don't want to put too much pressure on you, but, erm, you realise you are representing all that is great about the north don't you.... Show those soft southerners how we Nerf!

Hope you guys have a brilliant event. Enjoy.

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