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Someone posted me a box of blasters

I assumed I'd bought it on ebay while drunk, but nope. Then I thought, I've ordered something and someone's sent the wrong box. Doesn't seem to be. It's a load of pistols- strongarms and mavericks and triads and 2 scouts, which is actually kind of cool, I like scouts. No return address or sender's details...

So, basically, wtf? What do I do now?

Have you been nice this year? ... Or naughty? (Nothing to do with me)

Maybe Saint Nicholas is a nerfer himself, and you've been nice this year Smile

Whilst the temptation will be to have a play and use them, I would seal the box up and put it away safe for a few months. Whoever sent it already has your address, if this was sent in error they may contact you and you can have the satisfaction of having done the right thing by sending it back. If you don't hear anything then YAY you have a box of blasters to play with.

It seems strange for you to get something so specific; Nerf. If it was a random box of wool or headphones or something I can see it being sent to the wrong person although it could be a coincidence.

Also maybe it's from a website that you rarely use like a gumtree, facebook marketplace etc etc, but I assume that you would have checked everything you could think of.

The right thing to do would be to put it to one side for the time being, if you have the space.

I had a similar thing in the summer when I received a Flipfury through the post. I hadn't bought one and it came with no return address or label, so I have no idea where it came from. I had recently bought a couple of Nerf bundles on eBay, so I wonder whether someone was having a clear out, found it, and figured they'd just send it on to me since I'd bought the rest of their unwanted blasters.

But that was only one, not a whole box full.

If you've recently bought any Nerf from eBay, Craigslist, FB Marketplace etc. then I'd suggest contacting any recent sellers and check if they haven't sent it on to you as part of a job lot or something. Or, seeing as it is coming up to Christmas, it could be a secret present from someone.

Otherwise I'd suggest waiting a month before touching anything, in case it has been sent by mistake. If after a month nobody has made an attempt to contact you regarding this, consider it yours.

I reckon someone sent you a nerfy surprise,

Could it be someone printed out an old address label or something from a previous sale?

It must be ebay... It's actually quite annoying, they're taking up valuable nerfspace!

Maybe you've just got fan mail!

I'm going to be chasing at least 4 Triads soon if no one shouts up after sufficient time.. Soooooooooo y'know.. Let me know if you want a sale in Jan/Feb.. Because I'm That guy

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