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Something a bit different for Bristol

I have made enquiries with Bristol Air Soft.

The venue looks awesome. Check out some play footage here.

Now, they usually hire out the place for Airsoft games at 25 per person. They have offered to let us use the place on a Sunday or Monday evening from 5pm for 5 hours for 12.50 pp. Ideally they would like this to be a regular event (once a month), but it is still all in the negotiation stage at the moment.

I know week day evenings are not great for most, but I wanted to put it out there and see what the interest would be like.

They have offered to supply marshalls who know the building to run the games.

(One of the game options would be HvZ in the basement with lights off.)

So Bristol Area Nerfers.....thoughts?

(Please select any options on the poll you could make, then I will look into more specific dates)

For gods sake don't put Boff and CarrerII in an enclosed space, especially with Zombies.

Don't panic, we're out anyway. The price point isn't fantastic when we can get access to the SU for free and evenings aren't too hot in general.  Smile

Yea, I understand that the price is a sticking point, and evenings aren't great. But just want to try and explore all options.
To use that venue during the day it would be 25 pp. Which is a no brained.

Boff wrote:
when we can get access to the SU for free

Nnnnnggggghhhh. That's fine and dandy for you two. Sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone. I bet you have all the angles in the SU worked out.

That venue looks awesome ( I'm a fan of indoor events 😊)

Would be great for a whole host of game types.

But as you say? HvZ 👾wow!
I always thought if you could get the use of an abandoned building (this is probably safer though) draft in some drama students to get done up as zombies and work out some solid mission scenarios, youd be on to an absolute winner.

Good luck, hope uou get some thing going.

5 hours in an airsoft venue for that price is a bargain. However... based on the clutter, and 'cover' it would lead to a massively different play style to what nerfers are used to. With the relative inaccuracy of Nerf blasters, and our generally fast paced game, it would be interesting to try, but i'm not sure i'd want to do 5 hours of slow tactical moving from cover to cover...
daniel k

Ithjink areas like that would be best suited to hostage situations, black kes down, and pistols. A full out war would be possible, but a bit to boring for an awesome venue

What he said. Flywheels would rule.

I think a full on squad based game would be a lot of fun! Black Kes would rock!

I like this venue. A lot. Would never try HvZ there but for other scenarios could be awesome...

The venue looks awesome and I would certainly be up for paying the price, however evenings are just not feasible due to the travel distance and work constraints. Though any evening game is really just going to be limited to locals. I wish you all the best with it though.

Would never try HvZ there

Really? it looks well suited for it, not hour long games but rush HvZ it would be ideal and IMO rush HvZ is far more exciting.

Apologies in advance for going waaay off topic but its relevant to the venue type I suppose 😳

Back in the early 90's I think, when the third Alien movie was released (the one where Ripley gets stranded on the prison colony)

There was a thing through at the arches in Glasgow called "Alien War"

They'd kitted the place out to look like the inside of a space station or something and a guy dressed up like a Colonial Marine led you through the place while a couple of dudes dressed up in movie prop Alien suits chased us around.

It was pretty good, always thought the only thing that would've made it better was if we'd been armed too 😎

This venue reminded me of that, a mission scenario like that would be epic in there.

actually just found all this stuff about it here, invented in Scotland too 😊

And a vid
daniel k

Thanks, reading that article depressed me Very Happy .however, that's a great idea!

Your depressed, I've just realised it was 24 years ago !!!
daniel k

I hate to see something good fail. There is a shop where I live, used to be a jewel of the town, now is boarded up. That hate is also why I no longer look at exchanged rates Very Happy before this gets off topic let's say yes to alien/horror themed, are there any prop makers here?!?!

I can make you a costume of anything you want. It might just look like you're wrapped in Duct Tape, though...

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