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Speccing a DPDT relay

...for a RS pusher circuit.

Before I go further, I haven't bought anything, I'm not buying anything yet. Once I've settled on my idea for the pusher circuit I'll draw it up and put it up for critique but just want to check the components exist for what I'm trying to do.

The circuit will be 3s and feature up to a Hellcat pusher though maybe Honey Badger. I think the Hellcat is 22amp at stall but I'm struggling to find a correctly rated relay that is as small as possible..

So far I've come up with..;dpID=41mpFIhJTxL&ref=plSrch

Does anyone know a good place to look or if relays are similar to other switching gear whereby their rating doesn't reflect their ability to withstand a burst, rather what they are happy with continuous?


This is total overkill, you know?

I wouldn't use a relay or a honeybadger for that job. Spec is a job for Boff, as he uses a similar idea in the Stampede kit.

Franksie, possibly.  Question for a question.  How do you change over two positive lines, one from one circuit to another,  the other from open to closed at the same time without using a DPDT switch that is limited where it can fit on the blaster?

Because I've thought about it, I suppose I could use a P-channel Mosfet on the open/close circuit and link it to a SPDT switch but of course then that'd have to be rated to the Hellcats amps and, if I don't want to wire fat wire about the blaster, in a non-ergonomic place.

Alternatively I could use a correctly rated DPDT relay in the space I have right in the middle of where I need it use and wire using thin, easy wire to a low rated but pretty switch wherever I want it.

... But I'm open to suggestions when I stick up my circuit diagram when I want it looking at. Just need to know about relays at the moment.

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