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Special Zombies?

From the BB8 AAR
Minky wrote:
I agree with the zombie 'specials' it appeared to my eyes to work really well as it gave some of the slower Zs (who may naturally get nommed first) a greater role through the game and I'd hope more fun along with it. It also gave you interesting decisions to make as a survivor, try to weave through two 28days later infected or shoot your way through the slower, but longer reached Resident Evil Licker?

I long ago came to terms with the fact that the only way I'm not going to get infected in a HvZ round is if I don't play and considering how fun they are, balls to that. So as a slow Z myself, I would be interested to hear more about potential specials rules that could help me and others infect more people after our inevitable demise.


Moved to questions, as it's a question!

Now I can answer-
I work with a number of players with complex additional needs, from dyspraxia to wheel chair users, so I probably have a few great "support" options.

1- Spitter : 6 balled and taped socks to throw, if you get hit by the sock you are nommed. Must call sock hit location on humans, once all 6 socks are "spat" they may not be recovered.

2- Tank : Totally immune to ALL darts, 5 second stun for missiles. CANNOT tag anyone, but very useful for herding/blocking frightening humans. Good to combine with noodlers or mini zombies who use it as a shield.

3- Juggernaut- MUST be clearly "armoured." Big cardboard "vest" is fine as is agreed coloured bib. Totally dart/ball proof, mega gives 5 sec stun. May only be killed by a rocket. Humans limited to set number of rockets either from Demolisher or fixed launchers- inaccurate is best! Tags like a normal zombie but once hit with a missile is destroyed- come back as a regular zombie. Great fun for missile users and scaring people.

4- Vomiter- Has several rival mags full of balls, pull the release tab to "vomit," if a ball hits you, you are nommed.

5- WALKING IS AS EFFECTIVE AS RUNNING. Leave running to fast players. Watch Boff in BB7 as a zombie. He never runs but instead keeps humans moving under constant pressure p, forcing them to expend darts and get tired, this be easier prey.

6- AMBUSH PREDATORS WORK. Hiding on a corner, in a coat rack, behind a bush (in my game you have to be stood up to tag people) is a very easy way to get tags. See the end of my in disguise visit to Bristol Blast and me simply popping out of a side room on WelshMullet for proof.

7- Noodler- Regular zombie with a long foam "tongue" consisting of a pool noodle. Tags with the noodle count as a hand tag but if the noodle gets tagged, zombie is stunned as if it hit the body. Hay run multiple noodles, as any as can be carried! "Octozombie" and "Overfiend" are great options.

8- Gravemind- Can be a mobile respawn and/or a giver of immunity, may NOT TAG HUMANS. Zeds simply touch the gravemind to gain 3-5sec immunity (shown by counting aloud) or the gravemind may hand tag/high 5 any stunned zombie to instantly revive it. Can be marked by suitably funny prop, like a big wizards hat/staff/arcane medallion.

Running is only one aspect of zombie tactics, numbers, invincibility, scare tactics and good communication will get far more tags than just being fast.
Welsh Mullet

You've mentioned Noodlers there OldNoob without explaining them. As far as I understand after seeing them at BB8, they're regular zombies with a pool noodle (now available in poundland by the way) which counts as an extension of themselves for all purposes, tagging, and being hit by darts.

Do they get one noodle or two?
Welsh Mullet

They had a single noodle each at BB8, not sure if OldNoob has run them with two before. Didn't get too close to them and got nommed by regular zombies all times, so I can't really tell how effective they were!

Noodler rules added plus a couple more I remembered. The main rule with specials is to ONLY use a MAXIMUM OF TWO types per game, or it becomes confusing. They should always be CLEARLY marked and I prefer to use them as rewards for players, either those who play hard or are eaten early as well as for perks to level the field of humans are too well organised. TOO MANY SPECIALS KILL GAMES, use sparingly and keep it simple. Rotate your specials regularly (noodlers tend to be fixtures, as they are easy) to keep it fresh and challenge your humans differently each game.

Love the idea of the vomiter. Brilliant. Totally agree regards the amounts of specials, let's face it, for most of us past a certain point in the game you need all remaining brain cells to keep breathing let alone identify a zombie type and whatever special rules apply Smile

I can't take credit for the vom zom, one of my players came up with that one.
The main fun in HvZ is it's simplicity, survive, get nommed and zombies always win! A simple recipe with room for variation.

Can the Gravemind be taken out or are they immortal as they wander round the field?

You can decide that on the spot. We have had one which needed 2 missile hits or 6 mega shots to die, it had clothes pegs on it to show hits, each time it took a hit it removed a peg. It can also be immortal, as it can't tag humans, like the Tank.

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