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Spring(er) Cleaning

Whilst I've been modding my Roughcut internals have been out of it's shell for a large amount of time and although I've had them in a sealed bag most of the time quite often I've had them on the bench as I've been testing and adjusting fits. As a result they've picked up a load of grit and dust on the greased parts and generally the grease appears to be 'drying' out.

Can I bung all these parts in a washing up bowl with a small amount of washing up liquid, clean them off, then rinse, then just apply white lithium grease all over?

You can just wash in warm soapy water but silicone grease is a bastard to remove. Do not wash external parts in the same bowl and if you have a lot of silicone grease to remove a solvent is probably going to be best, use a small tip and do each part that's covered in grease separately.
Will look at solvents for you.

Dissolving silicone is tricky since it is incredibly inert. The solvents required are therefore very aggressive and so will likely destroy everything else.

Isopropyl alcohol (aka surgical spirit) is safe on many plastics and can be used on silicone. It doesn't actually dissolve it but will cause it to soften and helps lift it away. Another option is plain old vinegar. Soak the parts in vinegar for a little while and then wash with warm soapy water.

It's worth noting that one of the benefits of silicone grease is that it will penetrate most surfaces and is almost impossible to remove completely. No matter how hard you scrub, there'll likely be a fine film left behind.

Thanks both. I'll stand at the sink tonight and pretend I'm doing some real work and try and get the worst off via soapy water, tooth brush, and rag. Whose toothbrush I'm unsure of at the moment.

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