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Srtyfe "Zombie Spitter" first mod.

My first Mod ever (apart from adding trustfires, Ha)

Stryfe with 180 blades and 2s Lipo with blastersmiths wiring kit, zombie hydrodip and rubberised "plasti-dip" handle.

Not bad for a first effort!:

LED's and stock/barrel to follow!!!

That is a stonking first effort, sir! Do you have prior experience with Hydro-dipping because damn that is clean. I look forward to future efforts if this is your bench mark!

No previous,

Just saw FDS do it and though it was cool.

Will probably add a worker stock, banana mag and foregrip of some kind as well.

The clear coat didn't come out as well as I would have liked but not too bad.

Just wiring green LED's in the jam door and trying to sort a muzzle flash type LED with a reed switch.

Love it!


Sorted the LED's:


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Well done! The dip came out well. Clear needs to be a better quality one than the usual Nerfer level stuff and applying it takes practice. I would have been very happy with that as a first result. I have just finished putting the Krinkov together, it used exactly that film over a green base, it took me 3 tries to get it right.

I think it was the applying that was the problem.  Not thin enough layers I figure.  It is Halfords automotive Matt Lacquer so should be ok.

What do you think of the LED with "Muzzle flash"?

That dip came out great! Was this your first dip ever?


First of many I hope!!

The muzzle flash doesn't cone from the muzzle! Clever though. I used a reed switch in the Rapidpistol to control the voltmeter. They are useful for small places. Did you put a magnet on the back of the trigger and fix the reed switch in the grip?

I know its not a real muzzle flash but though it was cool.  I put a magnet on the pusher rod and the reed switch just under where the jam door closes.  Was tricky but think it works well.  I also put "frosted glass" (sanded polycarb) in the jam door holes and the front vents where the LED's are to diffuse the light which I think is a nice effect.

Both clever ideas, well done. I use a 3mm high output led, you can easily drill a hole and bond them into the side of the faux barrel, flush with the side. Diffusing the light from those flat top LEDs is a definite art. Setting them in clear resin is another trick I have seen used.
Any plans for a follow up mod on something else?

I am thinking of a 180 rapid pistol conversion with either a steampunk style or maybe another dip because dipping rules!!

I will have to see the budget in the next couple of months

Screw Steampunk, everyone and his Etsy selling dog does that, dip it.

Yea fair point  Very Happy

Dip it is!!

How hard is the BSUK rapid pistol kit to do?

I have a band saw etc in work (I am a D&T teacher so tools aren't an issue)

Dean from BlasterTECH doing one he has a neat trick with the rear stock block, he cuts one internal rib back from the designed cut point, then the rib holds the stock plate in place making it stronger. You have to shape the stock block to fit your cut.  You also have to drill the wiring hole bigger in the battery box, so you can paint and dip first then they'd your wire.
Rest is simple cut and fit. Check out his Double X Rapidpistiol with Xtreme 180's to see how the stock block looks.

Looks really nice! I found a foregrip that suits the stryfe really nicely

Wow, the metallic green instead of neon orange looks awesome.

Aldegar wrote:
Looks really nice! I found a foregrip that suits the stryfe really nicely

Ooh, they have some nice stuff, cheers for that.

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