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Just a quick count of how many people would actually be interested in attending Very Happy.  If you are interested but are not a member you can email me at

Thought it might help if I put this bit at the top!  


Side note.
The normal Nerf war rules apply.

A few obvious rules:
As always, eye protection must be worn!
Respect the area,
so no littering or leaving stuff behind.
Try not to damage the field. (grass is nice, grass is pretty.)
Defiantly don't damage property like fences or goal posts e.c.t

The rules of not that obviousnesss

AGE: as of now I'm calling it at no under 14s however it could change and obviously there is the 1 or 2 exceptions.

All guns must not have dark paint jobs unless there is visible orange tips and other brought colours!!!
If you can happily shoot yourself 3 times with it you can use it!!! *
Bring whatever you want as long as you also attempt to bring/bring:
A hilarious probably pound land gun(s).
Multiple shot pistol(s) like the maverick or strongarm e.c.t.
Single shot pistols like the jolt or the note finder or even the front gun on the longshot.
Stock blasters(s).
Homemade blaster(s).
Best ranged gun that you have modified or made
  I need someone with a long ranged sniper for a game   *only happy to shoot yourself at long range*

Bring a scarf or a handkerchief or something similar as we need some thing you could put on your head to distinguish you easily.
If possible bring some fold up crates or tables or whatever, something for a bit of cover in open spaces.

Ermm my mind has gone blank so tell me the things I missed :p


Count me as in, as long as a date is fixed a month or two ahead and doesn't clash with other games. I can pick people up along the M5 corridor too.
The rest of you- quit sitting on the fence! Staffs is in the middle of the country. I drove 450 miles for 1.5hrs nerfing last year, let's make 2015 the year of Britnerf Wars.

Haven't got any exact dates but it will be practically in Tamworth and is a massive field ok or do you want me get other place


Please use correct spelling and grammar when posting to make the place look tidy. Capitalisation is the bare minimum while punctuation and formed sentences are nice, too. Smile



All depends on when.  However I'm certainly willing to travel a little. two and a bit hours...not so bad.

OldNoob wrote:
I drove 450 miles for 1.5hrs nerfing last year


I'm down for pretty much anything, as long as it has a train station relatively closeby.

2 1/2 hour drive to shoot friends in the face? I'm in!

I'm in.

Ill be coming too Smile

I'd defiantly be up for this as long as it takes place while I'm still at Uni otherwise I'll be moving way down south and it's just not feasible.

What is this area like?

It looks like there are a few areas of good mixed terrain in those scrubby bits by the river and railway. Also looks to be relatively near the train station. This is the sort of location to look for for outdoor games in open space. The more cover the better generally, totally open space is very boring, total woodland is too hard and you lose too many darts.

I would love to get in on this but 4 hours on the train each is too much for me to justify. ^_^

Here mabey???

I'm sure you all know how to use google maps. What if we all chose a place that we think would be good in/near to Tamworth and at the end I can see what would be good and go to places that seem the best to me, take pictures and post them to you?

This place it right next door to McDonalds, Morrisons and a train station, it's got a sloped hill leading up to the left football pitch and it is usually empty.,-1.6702762,18.49z?hl=en-GB[/url]

I may be able to get both of theses houses gardens/fields/anything that isn't the house for a war. It would be perfect as the two gardens join trough paths in between. Lots and lots of cover all sorts really but it would require a small sum of money so like £1.50 -£2.00 from each person possibly as the smaller house + garden is close relatives and big house with gardens fields and barns are close friends of relatives(practically family)  and friends with me.,-1.6444251,19.49z?hl=en-GB


Please take note- don't double or in this case triple post, simply edit the first one with your new idea. Also- spelling, grammar and punctuation are required on this forum. If you have trouble with these things, pre-type in a word processing program then use the spelling and grammar correction functions to clean up. That is two warnings for spelling, grammar and punctuation. Oldnoob


Now I have my mod hat off, I can't seem to get anything from those Google maps links. A public park is better than someone's house and garden.

I am on I-pad, those links just say "cannot open link as the address is invalid." That is why I use a screenshot instead of Google maps links, everyone can see them.

ON just hit the google earth link to get the terrain...two large gardens....however I tend to agree...public places are better liability wise.

Slightly off topic but back in the day my larp group used a local wood that had open pathways criss crossing it.  It was awesome and a regular thing.  Then one day the entire enemy faction dissipated.  Turns out some one had hit a tree stump with a sword and woke up a massive wasp nest.  Hilarity ensued...closely followed by hospital.  In a private garden the owners could be liable for not tending to that hazard....

Hmm well I see your point

Yeah that is a good point I must admit, but if all else fails the option would be there.
I have been round the smaller house most weekends and occasionally Wednesday's and we use the bigger house + smaller house combined quite a lot as I have lots of Nerf wars with my cousin(s) and there is not many things that would be an issue XD

I agree with the general consensus of a public venue for liability and safety reasons. I would also suggest choosing that's very accessible I image a few people myself included will likely travel to this event by train and others by car so a place that caters to both those  methods of travel would be ideal.

You could allow under 14's if they are accompanied by a parent, we have had this rule work fine before. Don't use deployable cover, find a space with some in already, much better.
I would suggest a limit on darts (no metal tip weights) and a velocity cap to keep things sensible. 130fps is fine for outside and allows most of the fun mods.  It's up to you of course, only making some suggestions.
Well done on getting the start of a rule set and keep going!

So im under 14 and i probably wont be able to be accompanied by an adult but they will be in the area taking my dog for a walk would that still be fine?

Up to the war organiser and your parents. If it's in a public space and they are around to take responsibility for you, I can't see any issues. We usually do a consent forms for games organised by adults.

Hmm ok sure anyone can come as long as they are mature and if they are under 14 parental supervision is ADVISED and parental consent is mandatory, no need for a form just a signed and dated note stating that the person has permission to attend and participate. The reason I said no under 14s at the start was because I didn't want immature kids xD

Will add this to top later just want to make sure all see it


Spelling! Corrected it this time.- Oldnoob

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