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Star Wars Target Limited Edition Jyn Erso

Got this today. Bloody hell, it's a lot nicer than I expected. It has left me with a dilemma though. Is it "too nice" to mod? As it's a Monday I thought I would give you all some choices so I have put up a poll.
One belongs to a customer, the other is mine.

First impressions-

* The de badged raider stock is impossibly pretty.
* The shell is easily the prettiest flywheeler
* The scope and spectre barrel actually look nice in this colour.
* Not sure if I can bring myself to cut the shell for proper motors.
* Shame it's not full auto...

Lets be honest here... its too pretty not to mod!

Feel the gouge!!!

You're missing an option: "Give it to blindgeekuk, for being so awesome and not at all big headed"

Poll option added. Decided at the least it's getting a speaker upgrade for the sound system.


I actually voted to give it to the Minion, you already donate so much time and knowledge to the community

Mod it first before you give it to minion Smile Try out some artifact motors in it, 132 sized.

Such a beauty! If anyone can mod it and keep it looking as good if not better it is you!  Smile

Give it to the minion..

Perhaps remove any dumb locks and it will be perfect for the little ones first starwars.

Otherwise .. yea mod it to hell, just be careful with any paint it may look a bit too much like an MP5 in dark matt colours. Definitely asking for a full on white and chrome space gun pew vibe with a spot of safety orange!
daniel k

Don't mod it, there will probably be the orange version if you want to paint it, and if you want a top tier semi auto flywheel gun, mod a stryfe. I would keep in box for a rainy, debt - filled day, or give it to minion for Christmas.

Or, of course, sand it with 30 grit sand paper, then keep screwed together as you spray matt black, add two trustfires and you are golden.

Do we win it if we can spot the difference between the two boxes?

old_man_nerf wrote:
Do we win it if we can spot the difference between the two boxes?

Like where are the darts on the top one?

For me it's a movie tie in, it'd make sense to mod it to look more like the film blaster. But inthis case that'd be quite noob black.

It's out the box. My resolve and desire for gouging lasted about two hours.

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