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Starting a business..

Hi All,

I'm thinking of starting a Nerf Wars business as it looks like something I could run evenings and weekends and still keep my day job. I have a few questions, though...

I have seen 'business in a box' affairs for about 4k, but this seems to be expensive for what you get. So, where can I buy cheap inflatable obstacles?

Which'd be the best Nerf guns to buy? Will expensive ones last longer/be better than the cheap ones?

Lastly, where can I get the velcro tipped darts/vests in quantity?

Thanks guys!
The Dark Kitten

Inflatables may not be the best opinion.
I know Blindgeek uses PVC pipes and creates a rectangle that can be propped up, then fills the whole netting/fabric.
This works very well as a cheap cover solution which may not last as long but will be easier to set up than blowing up 10 pieces of cover.

Getting hold of tagger darts in quantity will be fairly hard / expensive and will pretty much rule out most moden blasters as they cant fire them, the vests are also now about 10 each on ebay second hand should you be able to find them

In all honesty my avice would be to stay away from dart tag stuff

Thank for the replies. So working on the basis that the tag stuff is difficult to get hold of, what alternative team games can be played?

calmore wrote:
Thank for the replies. So working on the basis that the tag stuff is difficult to get hold of, what alternative team games can be played?

It might be a good idea to attend one of the community Nerf wars thats nearest to you, Itll give you first hand experience of what everythings like and hopefully some good ideas!

The game works on honesty, so you dont really need any velcro darts or such!

Have a chat with FDT, Foam Dart Thunder. He has built a great part time business doing Nerf and knows what's possible and has always been helpful to other people setting up.

Welcome to the forum Smile

Do you have a link to these "business in a box" things? Just curious what you get for your money. I reckon you could spend less than 4k on all your gear and have similar gear to the stuff we run with. It all depends on how professional you want your gear to be.

Dart tag gear can still be bought and is still the best way to see if someone has actually been hit.

I did exactly the same as you're doing 4 years ago, so as OldNoob says, happy to help out/advise Smile

Business in a box:

He does them on ebay without the blasters for a little bit less

Cheers. As soon as I saw it I recognised it from a while ago.

That tank looks lovely....

Are you talking mobile Nerf wars at parties and events or Nerf wars at a venue?

I have a bunch of cheap pop up tents for bunkers

Pop up stuff like that make great bunkers! Less space taken up and easy to set up. I'll post more about this tomorrow...

Edit. Here you go!

I got this as part of a Gumtree job lot. It had blasters in it!

After reading BGUK's post about cover, I look at the bin and realised it collapsed down into next to nothing, but looked like a barrel when upright.

So I found the largest ones I could and ordered a couple online!

I used them today at two Nerf parties and they were fantastic! They take up much less space than a cardboard box, and are so easy to put up, it's unreal ^_^

Re: Starting a business..

calmore wrote:

That's interesting! About the best Nerf guns, I saw this recommendation:


Please don't post in threads older than 2 weeks old unless you have something significant to add. And please keep quotes shorter than your reply. Thank you. -Boff


Sorry mate but that list is garbage

If your starting out and want enough loaner blasters for the whole event your best of sticking to Nerf Pistols or off brand pistols , it will put everyone on a level playing field and they are the most likely to be Dart Tag compatible blasters

xshot do multi pack blasters for dirt cheap or try pickup fire strikes on offer.
If you want to thrift there are lots of blasters on ebay or gumtree

One thing that's non-obvious is that people struggle with clips- you don't want to be constantly having to show people how to work their blaster or dealing with people who think it's broken. Or clearing out monster jams because someone just kept trying to pump in more darts. Especially younger kids (when I go to an FDT event I'm pretty much a roving blaster medic  Laughing ) And 9/10 times it's because someone's using the things wrong.

Frontloaders basically. They'll shoot anything and they're easy and fun. I think if I was setting up for something like this I'd just go and buy all the cheap distruptors and spylights I could find, they're simple and fun and easily available. Singleshots are cheaper but I think people'd prefer revolvers. Only slight catch is they're harder on darts.

^ All this.
I never use magazine blasters as loaners, it just leads to players with a dart or several folded in the gate and not playing, both a recipe for frustrating games.
Also nobody ever has enough spare magazines, again limiting play time.
I am a big fan of the Strongarm or similar for a base design, shoots most darts, is reliable, easy to work on, cheap and has slamfire for people who like it. I have my original 10 from 2012, still working, without a single failure, all of which have been cheerfully used and abused by tons of kids and big kids!

As someone who has a huge loaner pool for parties and events...


Front loaders all the way, the simpler the better, so spylight/disruptor over the strongarm.

Those businesses in a box are crap - we've proved you can make cheaper cover.

And you also need to consider insurance - mine is 235 a year, for 5m indemnity/liability

Yup I'm another advocate of front loaders. All our parties only have front loaders that a 6 year old can handle.

20+ parties and a year of community events later, agreeing with front loaders, but not  Roughcuts for longevity reasons. Strongarms, hammershots and rebelle revolvers do the job well.

I think there's appetite for as much Nerf as can e supplied at the moment.

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