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Stocks, huh! What are they good for?

So stocks on Nerf blasters. Obviously there's no recoil on them so is there any advantage to using them? Or the other way around.. Is there any disadvantage to running a blaster sans stock?

I'm considering a Mini Stryfe build based on Justajolt's awesome creation and I'm thinking if you can make a Stryfe that small why would you need anything bigger?

If you hadn't seen it:

Stocks allow much better control of where the blaster is aimed, you can sight much better down a correctly stocked blaster, allowing you to visually correct for dart drop or swerving players much faster.
There's a reason all the best blasters have stocks on them. Compact is good for pistols only.

In a high powered springer, it can help take the pressure of priming. In a flywheel setup, it makes it easier to have a steady aim. Other than that they are more comfortable, and gives tacticool points.

I can't hit a barn door with a stryfe and no stock, it makes such a difference- I've not no natural feeling for what it's pointing at without a stock.It's the "extension of your body" thing, with a stock on and nested on my forearm the stryfe starts to make sense.

But it's not always like that, some blasters I can intuit and don't miss the stock at all- rapid red frinstance, I'd not put a stock on it even if I could, darts just go where I expect. So I think there's a huge ymmv here.

Also, stocks are cool.

Don't get me wrong.. I can see the benefits (stocks Are cool - check, shoulder contact should steady the blaster on the trigger pull and provide a useful base to prime against with a springer - check..) but I just wonder whether the benefit outweigh being able to have a pocket battleship that makes transport a breeze, allows increased visibility and manoeuvrability (arguably a stocked blaster requires a requires a larger upper body movement and decent footwork than a point and shot pistol.. How many HvZ vids do we see of guys running from zombies with a full primary and unable to fire at their pursuers?), lighter load, easy ambidexterity.. I think minimisation may have a lot going for it.

I'm not really arguing hard that either way is better, more playing devil's advocate to sense check my own views by seeing what folks say.

With something like justajolts mine styfe, i would holster it as a sidearm. I personally like the feel of a blaster that is a bit bigger, like a full size stryfe, or even one with a raider stock on.

You can have the finest blaster in the world, but if you can't hit anything with it or run out of darts because it takes half a mag per tag then it's useless.
Anyone who runs from a zombie with a full primary wants slapping for two reasons-
1- you run you can't shoot
2- If you are loaded you should be able to take down as many zeus as you can see before moving, running makes no sense at all.
No Nerf blaster which has a stock point is even remotely heavy. Minimisation is fine for pistols but all you do by making your primary small is limit its stability and limit its battery capacity or spring rate.
There is a place for compact stuff, in CQB inside where games and ranges are short. However in any other space the ability to shoot straight always beats the ability to run or wave your blaster about.

None of the above should be taken as reasons to NOT build a tiny stryfe, I would be interested in how small it's possible to make one, then you can try and prove all the stock users wrong!

I see the benefit of small stuff mostly for HvZ. I found when playing with zombies, range is not too important. I found a slamfire enabled retaliator to be just the ticket. Can quickly point in any direction. Fire quickly when pressured. And have lots of spare mags for ammo. Its quite a light loadout as well.

I suppose it may be blaster dependant??
The rotofury is so much better with a stock on it, the guardian crossbow I chopped it off.

Good question though, I like this kind of thread.

That's because you're a mod addict. Not got a thing? Add it! Got a thing? Chop it off!

Ha ha, possibly 😅

I did notice the magnum superdrum, is probably the least accurate blaster I own, did take the arm brace off it, but that didnt help anyway.

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