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Storage Pockets Toy for Nerf N-Strike Elite Team HOT ...?

Is anybody willing to wait a month for one of these to ship?;ttype=price&talgo=undefined

Those are a copy of the Perpetual Play "Blaster Sleeve" which was out a few years back. We didn't get it, thankfully, as it's a collosal turd. Check the reviews from launch. Hardly anything worthwhile fits it and it isn't mag compstible. My advice would be to buy a good QR sling instead.

Professionally, this thing makes me cry so hard. The actual built quality is terrible but you'd expect that from a toy. Single line stiching, 4mm stitch length, single pass squares, texturised polyester etc, etc.

However, it's the design that's god awful. Just no. It's everything wrong with blaster carriage. Yes, you can use it to bring your blaster to a war and stuff but the combat draw cycle is non-existent. You /might/ be able to get it out, you might be able to get it to stay in place but there's no way in hell  you're getting it back in there without help. While it's in there, it's bulky and ungainly, moving about even with it as secure as the item will let it.

The QR sling actually came about as a result of trying to replicate the effect of this item so that's an unexpected positive. You'll usually see CarrierII and I wandering around wars with blasters on our backs and that stems from this.

I actually quite like the perpetual play one purely as a carrier/protector. It's **** all use as a holster though. Paid 4 which seemed about right  Laughing

It's OK as a slip, but I make those from fleece.

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