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Storing Lipos

So you've returned home after a Nerf War, stuck your lipos back on the balance charger to put them into storage mode, and now they are at a safe level to store.

But where do you store them between wars?

I've seen ammo cans and fire proof bags, but what other storage options are there?

Assuming you have more than one pack, is it good practice to to store more than one battery in the same box / bag

I would imagine the cold temperatures of a garage would reduce the life of the battery, so is it better to keep them at room temperature?

That's our primary storage for LiPos in storage mode. We have probably 10-15 inside each LiPo safe bag. I have no idea of how many we have total but it's a lot of mAh. You can also see the 3 chargers. Smile Slightly suspect or older ones are held in NATO 7.62mm 200 round ammo cans at the far side of the room far from the door opposite the fire extinguishers.

The cold will actually favour longer battery storage times. Some aircraft hobbyists used to store their older LiPos in freezers between times to reduce the number of times they needed to be charge. Modern packs are much more stable and better built so the arrangement we have is perfectly fine.

I would suspect that our storage system is one of the larger in the hobby given the length of time we've been using them coupled with the number we have for testing and development.

Thanks for the info, it's much appreciated

Do you have one of these (or similar) for each battery you store?


Nope, we just pile them into the LiPo bags until they're full and then pack another one out. All our LiPos are inspected monthly for defects and charged to storage levels every 3 months. Not had a failure in storage yet.

Boff, the only problem with that is if a LiPo does go off, then all your LiPos in that bag are dead.

I just keep my Lipos are storage charge in their own bag and on a fireproof surface. LiPos are quite stable, they only start a fire if you short them/stab them with a screwdriver.

Dustybin wrote:
Boff, the only problem with that is if a LiPo does go off, then all your LiPos in that bag are dead..

Aye, we thought of that but then realised that it's actually more cost and space effective to take the risk than to buy and maintain bags for each individual pack that we have. With a solid inspection routine like ours and a regular charge cycle, the chance of a catastrophic failure is non-existent.

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