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Stryfe and Tri-Strike Barrel Attachment

Could someone who has a Stryfe and a Front Barrel Attachment from the Tri-Strike take a side on photo for me please to see what it looks like together?

I have quickly photoshopped it for a quick visual, but I'm planning an integration over the winter period and I need something more acurate to see if my plan is worth pursuing. If I had thought about it over the weekend I could have done it at GuN  Rolling Eyes

While you wait for a proper photo

Actually that shows me what I needed to know, thanks. Don't know if it's your image or your google foo was better than mine Smile

There ya go. I even got my Stryfe off the wall to show it off and everything. Razz Full resolution is available on request.

Those images are great thanks, looks a bit silly on just a stryfe, but I think it'll work out for what I have in mind. Thanks again!

Tried it on my rapid strike at BB4 and things got big and silly fast. The function and power of this is poor.. and improving the sealing on it messed up the smart AR and lead to 2 darts firing half the range.

So I'll am going back to plan A: integrating a magnus.
UK Foam

I agree this looks a bit too big!

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