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Stryfe battery door screws

Do any of you know where I could get a Black Stryfe battery door thumbscrew?


Link mabey?

You need an M3 thumbscrew, between 8-12mm long. example stainless ones which can also be used on the end of the Gavinfuzzy pump kit where it bolts into your Retaliator to make it break down without an allen key.
Cheap ones.
NorthernWarrior i think this is what your looking for

NorthernWarrior wrote: i think this is what your looking for

I have a couple of these on my child-friendly Stryfes and they really make a difference. I wish I could get really long ones for my extended battery trays.

tbr - join the jase3d order.....

If you want longer ones, I can arrange something for you. I've had the design on my bench for months now but never got around to publishing it. Gimme a mo and I'll put something up in the BSUK sub-forum.

EDIT: Here ya go. It's worth noting I can make ours to fit any length of bolt you need from 16mm (Rayven and similar) to 20mm (Demolisher) or full 35mm for the Stryfe expanders. Smile

I have som of these spare if you want one?

ok sure ill pm my adress

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