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stryfe fps questions

I am going to be building a bunch of stryfes for my shop and going for a ready to run set up, basic re-wire and stock motors. I am considering going 8.4 nimh stick batteries and housing them inside a raider stock. Anyone ever tested this set up? My other option is to just wire them for xt60 and shaving the tray but I would like to offer a ready to run option if possible.

also, anyone ever tried higher discharge nimh aa's?


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Recommend some cheap high kv FK130 (Banshee, Maishel) and 7.2V (or maybe 6V for Banshee) batteries.

Stock motors are too much of a crapshoot unless you install carbons. Born to be wasted they are, metal brush motors, and IMO, just too gutless anyway. And too low a kv, higher cell counts on the NiMH batteries just increase the bulk and the cost.

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