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Hi guys, introduced on other thread so here are some pics of my first integrtion. Liked the look of coops Stryshot and was kindly donated a longshot by my neighbour so thought why not!

Black detailing

LED strip wired to motor terminals so ilumites barrell when flywheels are activated Wink

3S Lipo housed in stock and can be checked/charged from this lead so no need to open gun

There was a fair amount of trial and error in this build but overall im happy with it.

Runnning on Stock Stryfe motors currently
18awg wiring
Upgraded 10A Microswitch from Maplin
12V LED Strip from Maplin
3S Lipo housed in stock deadspace
Standard Flywheels

The gun is currently on ebay but if it doesnt sell i intend to use it at wars but will be upgraded to worker flywheels and rhino 130's

Thats my Stryshot! There is a video on youtube of it if anyone wants to take a look, just search Stryshot and you should see a thumbnail of it.

Any questions please ask! I really like this gun in terms of the feel and weight and will likely make more as they are good fun to build. Challenging but fun Wink

Literally saw this on ebay earlier when I was searching for cheap longshots, nice job man

thanks, sorry about the bad spelling but my PC is hooked up to my TV and i can barely see it lol

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