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Stupid question time - what brand epoxy?

Morning chaps, need to pick your brains a moment Smile

1) Is there a Britnerf-approved brand of 2-part epoxy for modding and working with plastic. I'm starting to move to some more complex, integrated mods - and the need for epoxy is looming large.

What's the brand of choice? What tips to people have?

2) Same question... but for filler. I assume, when people are sculpting, they're using automotive filler and sanding to a finish. Let me know if there's a different approach.

Thanks in advance!


If it has a question mark in it, ITS A QUESTION. Moved to Q&A. ON


This stuff is good,

Dont know if your after the same thing but ive been using plastic specific epoxy putty for areas i need to fill and reinforce, no brand in particular though.

Looking forward to seeing your work.

1. Devcon plastic welder - off eBay
2. I use milliput but there are probably other recommendations for this.  Devcon will be unanimous for 1)

Aye. Devcon works wonders. Only recently started glueing bits of blaster together and I'm still surprised at how well it bonds.

I use EpoPutty 2 part Epoxy myself, an aquatics friend recommended it to me, he uses it for corals etc, he hates the Miliput mentioned above. I seem to remember it being about 5 for 100g. It's the only one I've used so I can't compare it.

I use devcon, via the ones with the mixing noses - easier for me than mixing it myself and easier for me to apply

Note that epoxy putties are not an adhesive. They are fine as fillers but if you do your join right you should never have a gap bigger than about 0.5mm.
Another vote for Devcon. If you want easier mixing then separate the tubes. Video on Devcon use in Nerf and my filler methods.

Brilliant, thanks all - not least for the quick response. And apologies, I missed the Q&A part - cheers ON for moving.

This sounds dangerously straightforward - Devcon Plastic Welder to bond the material; filler to tidy up before putting the paint down. I suspect the trick will not be to trip myself up, now.

Gust0o wrote:
This sounds dangerously straightforward

One thing that I have noticed from seeing various builds online is that a lot of people don't really seem to smooth out the epoxy putty very well and have it all lumpy. I'm not sure if thats down to the brand or what.... just something I have noticed.

TBR- I have noticed that too, it's because they are crap at bodywork.

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