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Summer Mod Commissions

Hello all! Having reached a comfortable point with my modding capability, I would like to put myself forward for commissions. I've spent the past two year expanding my knowledge on this hobby and how mods are done. On this forum are a few of my completed builds, please refer to those for a slight preview.

Due to having a long summer on the way (thanks to my GCSE's) I will find myself with a much larger amount of time to fill. This then gives me time to work on various projects. I work mainly on electronic based blasters such as; Stryfe, Rapidstrike, Rayven, Demolisher, Hyperfire, Zeus and Khaos. However, I have completed various other build which utilised different blasters from those that are listed. I will certainly adapt for anyone that prefers a spring type blaster, as those are usually less complicated. I have a strong knowladge on MOSFET and how to use them in Nerf, they are used in all three of my primaries and are working well. I aim to bridge the gap between inexperienced electrical modder and high level flywheel blaster. I work with all high level components and other materials. I am also familiar with various motor and flywheel cage configurations and setups.

-I cannot do paint or other external mods at this point!-

-Any projects will be postponed until 22nd June due to exams, booking will be excepted prior-

Please either PM or Email me for further information or specific requests!

Email -

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Maybe post some of your work ?

Some work already posted by OP from their post history. Also a Rapidstrike build.

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