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Super Stock / NIC WAR

Hi Enthusiasts!

I'm sure i'm not the only person who has gone abit excessive on one of their blasters to the point that no-one really wants to let you play with them.

I'd like to propose a super stock NIC style war with highly modded blasters (within reason no 300+ FPS hydro cannons)

If there is enough Interest I will organise something before Christmas if not I will get something going in the new year.

Last war in Hendon there was a good turn out with alot of people talking of further modding their arsenal with the goal of producing some super stock type blasters.

If anyone is interested please add to this post or send me a pm.

I will put together a facebook group in a week or two after i've seen the interest to get going.

I'm London based and always happy for a game if your interested.

This will be a London based event, most likely taking place in a field / forest environment.

If turn out is high and poeple don't mind to spend abit of money i've spoken to a paintball arena who said they would be happy for us to take our Nerf blasters and play with them for a fee ofcourse.

I will get more details pending relevant interest.

Protective eyewear will be MANDATORY.

Just to clarify - 'super stock' = taking something Hasbro have produced and maximising it's potential. 'NIC' = taking some plumbing supplies and making a single shot drain blaster style affair.

Think there might be some mixing of metaphors?

Seeing as we were playing with people running tri-hellcat rapid pistols at the weekend i think we are already pushing where super stock can go.

If you want to do NIC then that would be a different matter, but i'd still be sticking an fps limit on the plan.

Regardless of the type of event good luck with the planning - hope it goes ahead for the southerners benefit!

Hey there fella.

Always happy to see a new face organising an event. You've been to Hendon so you already know what to expect at an event and you already know what sort of turnout to expect. Put your thinking cap on and come up with a firm plan (baring in mind the winter is fast approaching). Once you have the where/when/why you can start recruiting.

Always good to have a new event in London. Hopefully I'll see you there.

Both of you raise some very good points.

Forgive my terminology but i mean high powered blastetrs.

I would say an FPS limit of 300fps will be the target.

Also please forgive me if I may have put the post in the wrong place but I want to gain an understanding in the interest of high power wars as until now i have only seen very low power wars with around 120 fps limits im thinking for a chance to pull out our longshots / drain blasters within reason.

If you guys are positive that this is something that will go down well I'll make a facebook group and a temporary war date as a clearer point of call.

Super stock =! NIC. NIC is plumbing pipe, single shot, speed ball style set ups as per the US. Super stock is 100FPS + and generally tapers out at the point where we stop being able to push stock blasters. That's probably ~140FPS at the moment with the optimum Artefact red cage and wheels.

In terms of actual players, you'll still get most of us rocking up with our sub 130FPS hardware - ballistic limits don't bother most players for a variety of reasons. For a start, the majority of builds are under even the standard 130FPS cap. As a proportion of players, the modding community is pretty small. Heck, I can think of one UK player who has a complete load out that could be designated remotely NIC. Everyone else will just turn up with what they have and the occasional higher powered blaster might make its appearance. There's a whole bunch of reasons why the envelope isn't getting pushed in the higher FPS direction. For example, higher FPS isn't really going to help you if you can only manage one round a second, someone with an RS or Stryfe is going to close with you while you're reloading and put up an escapable wall of foam.

Nerf benefits from the fact it's close in, rapidly changing game using lower blaster energies and more human energies. Anything that gets bogged down in pitched exchanges is dull and not why we Nerf. If I wanted that, I'd go and play air soft or paint ball.

Higher ballistics also require non-stock ammo to be even remotely worthwhile. That's a whole nest of vipers you'll have to contend with: the safety factors around home-made ammunition. Any war that allows non-OEM ammo is a non-starter for me.

If you want to run a "if it's not an air weapon and can fire Nerf" game then fine, make sure it's 18+ and on private land so you don't have problems with shooting passers by. For the UK current ballistic limits are ~170FPS FA and ~250FPS semi-auto/single shot before you start having to register them as air weapons (that's based on a 1g Elite dart, other ammo types will vary). The last thing the community needs is plod and the courts breathing down our necks because a random dog walker got shot with a drain blaster.

In terms of event logistics and game design, build a normal Nerf war that allows higher powered blasters and build in safety protocols accordingly. You could advertise the no-holds-barred style as a selling point but don't make it the focus. It won't change the fact most people will turn up with what they have and that way you don't risk alienating anyone who looks at the ad and thinks "well, fuck that I'll be out gunned so there's no point". The latter is a problem that NIC groups like SENC in the US regularly report.

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