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Tactical Training Day Thread - Take 2

Right... after the shambles of the first one, and the fact that I've been away for a bit and not been able to handle things with this, here's another attempt at fixing a date for this Tactical Training Day.

Details will be firmed up, but I imagine it'll be something like this:

The Downs, Bristol, BS9 1FG... Meet opposite the Water Tower in the Bus Shelter.
Parking is free on Ladies Mile apparently.
Here's Boffs link from the last time this venue was used

Date - Sunday 4th June CONFIRMED
Time 12.30pm til whenever it ends

As for dates, I've put a new poll up with a bunch of dates and made it multi option.

I've dropped the 6th May as it is only 2 weeks away.

Get your votes in by 28th April...

Double post - but I need to so that I don't lose the Poll votes - sorry.

OK - so it looks as though the first weekend in June has won.  I'll get in touch with Boff to arrange the necessary.

All those intending to come along over that weekend (assuming you could make either the Sat 3rd or Sun 4th) please comment so we know who to expect.  I'll confirm the Sat or Sun date shortly.

Date, Time and Location confirmed.  We have the makings of an agenda of things to cover on the day, although there'll be no spoilers here.  Everyone coming along should come along in full "war" gear... basically whatever you plan on running at BoB, along with any radios you might have and enough crappy Nerf darts to last you the afternoon.

War Gear
Radios if you got them
Crappy old Nerf darts that don't matter if they get lost

Don't forget to eat beforehand, or make sure to bring food and drink with you - refreshments wont be provided (other than cake for Boff), so you're fending for yourselves.

You can all bring cake because it's my birthday the following Tuesday... Razz

So.. 4th of June?

Sunday 4th June has been confirmed.

I've updated the original post with the date, and details of the location. There's also some important, need to know, information added at the bottom of the original post - MAKE SURE YOU READ IT.  

I also need to know who's coming... so far there are at least 3 of us including Boff... so demonstrations will be pointless if it is just ON and Boff shouting at me in a field.  So if you are coming, don't be shy and let me bloody know Smile

I will try and attend, will have to check with the Boss first though.

Bumpity bump!  It's still here, currently still happening, but it won't be if no one is attending Smile

All you Bristol Blast folk that will be going to BoB - get your arse down there!

What does it involve? Or is that the first rule of tactical training? Might be in Bristol then anyway...

Ideally we are looking to train people who are attending BoB but all are welcome, it's about spreading more small unit and communications skills amongst the player base. Plus having a laugh flinging foam and bemusing lots of civilians.

Cool. I might be able to sneak along to a day of BoB, will have to see. Hope I can make it to Tactical Training, but will have to see what my better half says Smile Think she had a relaxing time in Bristol in mind.

I just did GC so I'm super-pumped and ready for this. Watching one of the most experienced regiments come under mortar assault (complete with flash bangs and smoke grenades) and watching their Lt falter/hesitate and generally has broken something in my brain. You guys are probably going to be the guinea pigs for a bunch of section level stuff that I've been mulling for a while. Smile

I hope to attend this training day.

BoB is still in question for me however, but this training day sounds great!

I assume there will be no minions on the day? #seriousnerf

I also assume it is bring your own darts.

Best not to bring the kiddies... I imagine much swearing and inappropriateness.  And I think it states somewhere in the OP to bring your own darts... shitty ones you don't mind losing.

Edit - by inappropriateness I mean much screaming and shouting from Boff in frustration at my failed attempts to keep up and understand what the hell he's saying.

I will be there, no diving is happening on that day so it should be good.

Bumping.  Just a week to go... looks like we will have enough for 2 teams of 3 players at least.

I'll be calling plod later in the week, but it's also worth noting the excellent thread ON kicked off here.  We need to be very mindful of the space we are playing in, especially as this is supposed to be tactical training, and Joe Public may get extra worried.

I'll be moderator for the day as I kicked this thread off, and will be liaising with the police.  But it's really the Boff show Smile

It looks increasing likely that I'll no longer be able to come along to this. You may pick any number of expletives to describe how I'm feeling about this.  But basically, having arranged with Mrs NN113 for me to have the car and her to be off work to look after the sprog, she has forgotten all about it and is working anyway.  

I'm going to need a volunteer to be police liaison and moderator as it is too late to reschedule and will have to go on without me.

Panic over. I'll be there. No moderator volunteer needed.

Plod has been contacted. Ref number is AS-20170601-0645.

I've popped a basic itinerary for Sunday over on the Discord chat. Plan is to start from the individual and work out to the section level. I may also dump some prior reading/watching material in there to save time.

Oh yeah and don't forget the cake. It's my birthday on Tuesday... Razz

Just to clarify, how many people are attending? It's an expensive run for me, I don't want to send the petrol unless it's at least 10 of you, excluding Boff.

At the moment we have a few of maybes.  No one seems to have committed themselves to attending except the 5 of us (ON, Boff, Dustybin (And his dad?) and me).  Davera, Zenif and Filadams are maybes... so if they all turn up that's 8 in total.

It's yours (ON) and Boffs call... if it isn't worth the time and effort because of low attendance then let's can it and spend the time doing something more productive.

Anyone else coming? Speak now or forever hold your peace.
UK Foam

I can't do this Saturday.

Maybe push the date forwards if no one can go?

Still plumbing to come but leaving kids at home will lead to some serious faction hits with the wife so not sure I will be able to attend for more than an hour or two in this case.

The other option is bringing them and letting them shoot each other somewhere within eyesight, it is a pretty big open park after all, what is the worst that can happen  Shocked

Mostly though the weather on Sunday looks just sh&te. Hoping this improves as it looks like it may be changeable/ thundery.

UK Foam wrote:
I can't do this Saturday.

It's on Sunday

If there's not enough of you by later today I vote we postpone it, date TBC, or the second choice off the poll.

I can't make it  Sad

Right. Let's postpone it. I've suddenly had something happen which means I won't be able to make it.  Mrs NN113 is in the hospital unwell and I have no idea how long she might be in for.

We will have to pick another date as the only other option after Sunday was the 11th June but only had 2 votes.

Happy to take suggestions... or for Boff to record a special video of what he would have done had the day happened as planned  Laughing

Seconded on postponing, put a new poll up and we can try again. I am working tonight and sort of tomorrow already. I just drove 6 hrs today as well so timing for me  this Sunday is also not ideal. Newportnerfer- Hope mrs gets well soon, if all else fails Boff can shout at you all next BB.

Ok. So just confirming that this has been postponed. Another (yep another) thread will be posted later today.   I still think this is worthwhile even if we can't find a suitable date before BoB.

Aye, a day of teaching would be great. There's so much people can learn in 15 minutes in person that I just don't get time to pass on. Plus there's always the risk I might learn something, too... Very Happy

I hope Mrs NN113 is ok!

I was going to say if anyone does still want to kick around in the downs, eat cake and fling foam....

That weather though!

Came on here to say I can't make it last minute. Will keepy eye on the new date!

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