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Tactical vest - what's the go with all the wires and stuff

So I've scored a tacticooool vest,

It was a present, so no idea what manufacturer - it's a generic black airsoft type. Could anyone with some experience of tacticooool gear answer a a few questions for me...

(1) I'm confused as to why the vest has four ends of steel wire poking out the front. They seemt o be attached to a double loop thingy at the centre bottom.

(2) What is the double loop thingy at the bottom for? Surely you wouldn't need a weapon dangling between your legs? it seems that one loop is held on by velcro. If there was no velcro it migh fall off if the steel wires are removed.

(3) The vest opens up at the bottom (velcro again) so you can get at the steel wires - are they configurable or something?

Best guess as to the metal wires and loop is that it's a Dead Man's lift... so a comrade can drag your ass to safety if you get shot... for realz.  Can't help with the rest sorry.

In the vests I've seen, the steel wires are a sort of quick release that is used to remove the vest should the wearer become injured. I have also heard of 'dead man's lift' built into vests.

It seems silly that both are true. Imagine grabbing the handle to drag your buddy to safety but instead you remove his armor?

Hopefully Boff will have an answer.

think that's partially right, it's a dead-guy / injued guy vest removal system...

The closure clips at shoulders/waist are threaded onto the wires. Looks like the loop thing can be yanked down, pulling all the wires out so the vest falls off.

Second loop is there to hang the whole shebang off of...

Hope I won't be needing this feature at the next Bristol Blast!

That wire is there to allow the vest to be pulled off swiftly to treat gunshot wounds. In Nerf terms it has zero practical purpose and can be removed. The shoulder straps can be stitched to the front of the vest to bypass the whole system.
That fest has several other issues, including stitching through several rows of the molle loops and undersized loops which can make compatibility interesting. The supplied pouches also have limited usefulness, I suggest you avail yourself of the current Miranda surplus at BSUK  if you intend to carry magazines securely.

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