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How do you securely buy worker products etc? ie paypal
Is it safe to use and not a scam (I have seen many youtubers use it for their loadouts)
How good is the shipping to the uk? How fast is it? How well packaged is it?

Thanks for looking and helping a noob out!!

There is worker stuff available on EBay if that suits you better.

It is way mkre expensive though surely

I have purchased from buychina before and that was all fine just for referance.

Firstly I would say this really doesn't need a poll.
The info on how to buy from Taobao is not hard to find using Google.
The easy way is to use an agent site, copy the TB url into Yoybuy, Buychina or BangGood, find your product and use the Alipay gateway and a credit card. Your credit card will cover fraud, debit cards don't work.
If you don't like that idea then use Amazon or Ebay and suck up the markup.

I second Yoybuy. Also used Taobaoring.

Had excellent experiences with Buychina to get artifact parts, works out cheaper and the standard of customer service is quite impressive.

All my parts I've bought via Buychina, and it's worked ok for me.

I have had an issue with the site though, twice I've added money to my account while in the process of purchasing something and the money hasn't been added to my account, meaning I've had to contact them and get it sorted. I now make sure my account has the money in it I need before I start the purchasing process and that avoids this issue.

I've attempted to purchase some Knock-Off Lego via TaoBao directly using Chrome's auto translating and my product never arrived. It was only cheap as I was testing it out so I wasn't too bothered. This is why I switched to BuyChina.

My friend who lived in China last year purchased lots of knock-off Lego while in China and he got all his products so your milage may vary. I personally would use one of the sites outlined above, if only so you can understand exactly whats going on.

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