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Team Identifiers

We have had a bit of trouble at Bristol Blast with team identification, we have tried E-Tape around the arm, and currently we are using a strip of  material band either around the arm or head.

We have talked about vests but they will get in the way of gear, and have talked about war paint on the face, but not tried that yet.

I would be interested in how the other groups identify teams during wars or games, or if anyone has any ideas please share.

At RNK, we are using high vis vest to seperate the teams. Problem is, as you noted, that it will get in the way of gear.

Hats could be used, they don't even need to be matching. Pretty much everyone has got a hat/helmet/baseball cap or two at home that they can bring with them to a war, so anyone wearing a hat is on one side and anyone not is on the other team.

I just bought lots of bandannas, they can be tied to wrists, head or rugs and mine are big enough to see on people. They have the further advantage of being small, easy to wash and cheap. Hats get smelly really fast, no way I am wearing a communal one!
Face paint works really well too. I have used that but some people dislike it. Used by many outdoor centres for team games and is easily removed with baby wipes.
Example of bandanna

Shirts and skins!

Or maybe a combination of both your ideas? Anyone who works in warehousing or production environments ends up with a drift of of hi-vis stuff after a while. Ask about, get a pile, wash them (!), and then turn them into strips and or squares of material. If you get enough you should be able to insist the one 'marked' team has to be identified on one limb on either side of the body, the upper arm of their predominant side being a necessary (so that when guys and gals lean out around corners they show it).

I'd be happy to contribute I've probably got 3-5 XXL vests about which I'm sure would be good for at least 5 strips and one bandanna each.

We use vests at GuN and they are fine even under h-harness set ups. Maybe warmer than just a bandana but much easier to identify who is tagging who.

The other advantage is you can write your Facebook details or similar on the back of them for a bit of advertising as well Smile

I think coloured vests or bibs would work well, as they can be worn under tac-gear; though they may need to be pretty bright so they stand out under black vests, harnesses and plate carriers. Given that Asda/Primark/Peacocks etc. generally do packs of vests for a few quid, it shouldn't be too expensive (though colours may be limited). Otherwise, netball/basketball vests come in cool colours and may be available through school suppliers in bulk nice and cheap.

And in the interests of fairness, I think both teams should wear them, rather than one team with and one team without (though I realise this may result in extra initial expenditure). Also, get a couple of hi-viz jackets in pink or green (rather than the usual yellow or orange), so that you have the option to mark out certain players like VIPs, hostages, team captains, or people celebrating birthdays and people who lost bets, so they can be shot at by all.

The problem I find is that at BB there is no uniformity with the coloured strips: people wear them as headbands, hair ties, on their upper arm, lower arm, or on their blaster. This means identifying friend or foe is tricky because you can't always see where the strip is; especially if they've ditched their primary that had the strip on it! It's usually fine to start with, but after the first round the strips have a habit of moving around, getting covered up, or people taking them off entirely.

If using strips I'd suggest that each player gets a couple to wear, and suggest one on each arm (maybe one upper arm and one wrist mounted), and then one around the head/hair tie/back of hat or helmet. That way they're pretty visible from most angles.

Rather than using fabric strips, how about different coloured barrier tape? One team red and white, the other black and yellow? A 500m x ~70mm roll is about 6 online, and though it's not generally reusable, it's enough to kit out each player with a few strips each.

I like the idea of face paint, because kids are going to be super keen to rock out war paint. The only problem is supplying enough wet-wipes for people to remove it all before going home (not all of us want to look like Rambo on the drive home), and it still makes it hard to identify folks if you can't see their faces; like when sneaking up and ambushing folks from behind.

Strips are too small, that's my problem with them. I have bought mesh vests bulk for about 1:50-2 each but ironically ebay was less than sports supply companies. I make everyone wear their bandanas on head or non dominant arm.
Bright coloured vests for NPC's is a good idea. I think fixed marshalls who are NOT playing is going to become a requirement with numbers going up. I always have 1 or 2 for PvP games and au have less than 20 players.

I feel bibs are the easiest to see but its always the tac gear problem. Not a huge problem at FDT as most players are running ultra light weight loadouts for running and gunning not a lot of mags or secondary's in play so its easy enough to use them. Bigger armbands needed I think so very easy to spot and always on the arm so you know where to look to identify.

There has been some good feedback - thanks.

The martial bands we run now are quite thin, if we buy some and make them say 2" think and put 1 around  the arm and 1 around opposite leg, it will be hard not to see a colour. We are also going to move from blue and white to blue and red so that should help.

I'm not sure bibs will go down well at BB there is some serious gear being run and it will get in the way.

I'll also start to check throughout the day people team colours and make sure they are visible as will the other organisers.

Arm bands are just fine. Red and blue works really well because they're the same sort of brightness and avoids colour blindness.

I might just replace one of the lames on my spaulders to determine my team colour.

Why has no one considered this option, nice and visible yet doesn't get in the way of tack gear. And lots of colours available. Very Happy

Pink cowboy hats. Crotchless chaps are optional.

UKNerfWar wrote:
Pink cowboy hats. Crotchless chaps are optional.

Crotchless chaps are never optional, they're mandatory.  While we're strolling down this dark and depraved alley, what about different coloured nipple tassles?

Seriously though, bigger strips of material in a consistent place should be workable for us BB lot.  We're at the point where we're fine tuning and tweaking things to make them better - this is the place I want to be at.

Surely the only sensible answer is different coloured fairy wings.

Fake buffs for a quid,
Wear them on your wrist, your face or on your head. Pretty much like the bandannas but a bit easier to put on and stay on. Plus some cool patterns.

Still like the warpaint idea.

That is brilliant Rab. A serious contender, cross between the bandana's and the strips we've been using.  Genius, my friend, genius.

Yes Rab! I really like that idea.

Buffs are pretty popular in the old running comunity, they're pretty light weight too so you wont be too hot if theyre on your head.

I think we have a winner!

High vis (Yellow vs Red may be best bet everyone wears too much white or blue) with either an option of a bib, or lots of velcro strips for people with tactical gear. Or just wear something on the wrist like a slap band for each arm.

Still looking at about 50 (plus any replacement costs) for a pair of slap bands or some velcro strips for 30 people but I don't mind paying a bit more for one BB for kit we can re-use.

Buffs seem like a good idea as everyone has a neck!

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