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Telephone Expense Management

Hi!  Anyone here who knows how to lower the cost of telephone expenses in the office?  Mom has been trying to cut down the cost in her company but every month, she said, is still the same and sometimes higher.  Any suggestions?

I would say shop around for the best deals, Not something i have every had to deal with but i would think that its a vital part of the office having phones. Other the that banning all personal calls but that can be demoralizing to staff

For companies, it is advisable to look for the best telecom management solutions provider. Be sure to get one that is responsible to take care of your bill processing including bill review and reporting.

I've heard about this
company but I didn't tried their service yet. Does anyone here already tried them? If yes, can you tell me how it benefits you? Thanks in advance Smile

Not sure if this advice will be an option for your Mom but have you consider a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system?

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