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Testing the waters, a yorkshire larp event...

I've been reading up on greencloaks and am very impressed with the professionalism of their rules etc. Obviously it's too far away and too soon for me to goto it but I got thinking about the zombie runs we have here in otley, and I had an idea about hiring somewhere for a day or two and running a modern/post apoc/HvZ mini larp event.

This is a totally pie in the sky thought at the moment, i've run rpg events but have never larped, I don't have any ideas for a venue, date or storyline, and it wouldn't be this year as I have a baby on the way, but what kind of interest would there be in a larp event in the leeds area, and would anyone be willing to help put some ideas together?

Sounds like an awesome idea. There are a few other LARP events up there and with the student population around Leeds I dare say you'd have a lot of uptake for these events.

I say go for it. I'd certainly be up for coming up there and helping out if need be.

Congratulations BTW. Kids are awesome.

Sounds like a nice idea. Its not too far for me to travel down to. I would recommend speaking to some people who have arranged larps in the past as it can be a lot of work (speaking only as a player as never run one myself)

I'm still pondering this, and have sent some emails out to potential sites.

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