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Thanet Dart Wars - Sun 30th July

Last event was, uh, quiet, so am giving this one a bit more berth to spread the word around.

Facebook Group
Event Page

Date and Time
Sunday 30th of July 11am to 2pm

King George VI Memorial Park in Ramsgate (CT11 8BD).

The park has several areas divided by tree lines, so even if the area marked below is otherwise occupied on the day there will plenty of space to move around.

Map with key features below, the park has toilets and a small snack stand (ice cream/drinks) near the entrance I would advise bringing food as the nearest food outlets are outside of the parks area.

Green - Intended play area
Red - Toilets and snack stand
Blue - Main entrances


The usual deathmatch/team deathmatch/zombie variants. Other game mode to be confirmed depending on number of participants and resources.


1. Minimum age 8, under 18s will need parental permission, under 16s will need a chaperone.
2. Eye protection is required for under 18s, advised for above.
3. Blasters must be in original or brightly coloured schemes, as long as its obviously not a real or replica gun.
4. Blaster Mods are welcome as long as they are below 130fps, generally youll know it if you are near the limit but err on the side of caution.
5. Dart pool will be provided, however donations of Official, Waffle or Koosh style darts are appreciated
6. Darts with hard tips FVJs, Voberries etc are banned from use, if in doubt please ask
7. Events are held in a public park with members of the public around so be courteous and mindful when playing
8. At the end of the day its supposed to be fun, so play nice

That should be everything, pretty rote for those who have been to wars before.

Well done for keeping going. First GuN only had 10 or so, so keep on going!

Well, it is Nerf or nothin'!

Already had more interest in this one, should pick up once I print and distribute some posters.
UK Foam

I'm not going to bob and I'll be around! =]

Two weeks to go! Looking forward to getting out and shooting some foam now that the post-BoB dust has settled.
Lady Nerfer

Just a shame were 6 hours away otherwise myself and Dazzle would have supported you.

Have you advertised at all on Facebook? If you create an event on Facebook then it's visible to non-Britnerf folk who would love to get involved in a Nerf war (yes, there are plenty of them out there).

There's the UK Nerf buy, sell, swap group that's pretty active and probably wouldn't mind you posting a link to a FB event; just double check with the group owner(s) first before spamming the page.

There's also the UKNerf page that you could post on to give yourself a signal boost.

It always amazes me how many folks turn up to Bristol Blast that aren't on the Britnerf Forum, so using social media could work to your benefit in drawing in those local to your game that aren't forum users either.

Best of luck, and hope it goes well.

Yup, have the event and have shared to many local groups and other places a few weeks ago, will do it again as it is getting closer. Got a few parents interested, and a couple coworkers might come and bring kids - so there will be some nerfing to be had!

@Lady Nerfer - Thanks, it does suck being right in the corner of the country sometimes!
Lady Nerfer

Kleggt wrote:

@Lady Nerfer - Thanks, it does suck being right in the corner of the country sometimes!

@Kleggt - Yeah we feel the same way sometimes in Blackpool!

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