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THE DROP - Nerf-Larp

Privet comrades, this is well ahead of time as there is so much work to be done on it but here is my post to get some attention and gauge interest from the Nerf side of things for a larp in (probably) September this year then running 3 to 6 times a year after that.

What is Larp?

For those who need a primer on Larp (Live action role play) google is your friend, but in short it's playing an mmo character in person, using larp and Nerf weapons and game mechanics in a slightly more involved way than you're standard Nerf war.

What is THIS larp?

A 24 hour (11am Saturday till 11am Sunday) player vs player resource war where you compete as squads over limited resources making use of limited weaponry, ammunition and skills (like engineering better guns, scanners, jammers, or being able to heal damage to your squad mates)

Groups of 3 to 10, we can put smaller groups together to make groups in that region. Point's for skills and equipment are spent as a group so a group of 3 is well balanced against groups of 10 as they are likely to have better skills and equipment compared to the group that needs to spread their points around.

And the setting

You will be playing a member of a reclamation team that spends its time circling a storm covered planet, waiting for gaps in the weather so you can drop to the surface and strip every resource you can find before escaping back to orbit.
It's a competitive job, but someone's got to do it, and hopefully your characters come out alive.


Id love to hear who is interested and for you to join the facebook group below which will have more information as we get closer to the summer holiday period.
The event will likely be ages 16+ only so my apologies to the younger forum members in advance, but this wont stop me running other wars in the mean time.
For those unsure if larp is their thing - this is very much on the scenario and combat side of the spectrum though there will be strong Larp components to what goes on which should really enrich the game for those who want to get involved.

Waiting to hear from you comrades, Davidov signing out / off to sleep!

Yes. All of the yes.

Affirmative and indeed!

Definitely interested here.  It will give a change of pace for me on the larp front (no chance of running the rig I had at the saturday skirmish).

Sounds interesting - keep us posted.

Dates and times and I'll see if we can work out something. Oh and we're always happy to lend expertise with rules. Smile

YES YES YES! I cant wait for this to start!

Interesting concept, i'm interested depending on date/location/cost etc

Glad to see there is interest, a few general answers and info as I won't be getting dug into making things presentable to the masses until after GC event 1.


Once I have a very general idea of interest I will look at sites and see what dates they are available for, that covers location as well though it will be in my general neck of the woods, so within 2 hours of the top end of the m25 is likely.

As for cost that is another reason to get an idea of interest as it decides what sites we should look at and what format to go with (one day, weekender, full time in or up and down time etc). Basically I will run it at the best site I can and at the best price I can based on estimated people likely to get involved, much like Nerf wars not a lot of larps turn a profit so I'll play it as I see it so we get a good game.

As a general idea -
Ideally it would be a weekend event rather than a day event as the long evening on saturday and people having the option to arrive friday night so they are settled by saturday morning make's a world of difference to the atmosphere.

So if taking it on the upper end of scale a guestimate of price would be between 20-40 if we run Friday night to Sunday afternoon, steep for a Nerf event I know, but nothing compared to the cost of a weekend of scenario paintball or airsoft, including camping and access to on site bar and caterers if people want them.

To put my ten rubles worth in, I think that sounds great. So we're talking north of M25 possibly? Along or near the M1 from a selfish perspective would work best for me.

I'd stay Friday eve to Saturday eve, doing  a half weekend.

And just as it was about to drop off the front page!

I'm hoping we could have a Nerf contingent interested in heading to Larp Aid's unreality tournament at the start of next year (will explain below) and for me to run a taster session of the drop there over that weekend.

Larp aid is a charitable group that raises money for a different cause each year, their event at the start of each year is their main fund raiser, with food, drink, games, larp tournaments and an auction.

So the plug for them over with, "The Drop" jumps to the top of my list once I'm back from Ireland in October, with the plan being to start running smaller games once a month by spring/summer, with a couple of larger one's as detailed & costed earlier in the thread. If anyone has an interest in getting involved on the organisation side or has good contact with sites I'd love to hear from them.

I am up for some larping

I like it keep me up dated please

I'm up for this

I'd actually been pondering this since the Special Farces discussion, and release of No Mans Sky

Would the resources be obvious, or along the lines of with different categories and different rarities within them, and a whole trading system outside of the planet side action?

Would you have some kind of storm intensity affect, which might shorten/lengthen how long teams could be on the surface?

Would teams need to have a skill to detect the above, and also need stopwatches to time how long they have left on the surface?

Would teams need to get back to their landing shuttle (start point) to ensure safe extraction, what happens to team members left behind.

Would their be scope for a surface survivors faction?

Would their be scope for something like a 'Weather stabilization system' equipment that one class could carry and deploy - that might stabilize the storm for upto 5 minutes, but takes a minute to deploy. - It then becomes a challenge - deploy at the start for a garantued 5 minutes more (for all teams), or risk waiting until the other teams are heading back to their shuttles to deploy and gain a 5 minutes uninterrupted  scavenging

Q&A round one

1- Resources are a mix of the obvious and those you will need skills to identify and recover, there will be down time outside of events, but nothing too heavy, the specifics will vary a lot depending on your group skills and equipment.

2- How long teams can be on the surface will be based on the actual event timings, the corner of the game world players inhabit revolves around weather patterns and you won't be given exact times, forcing you to take one of several options to survive, you'll know at least some of those options but you can lose your character to the climate if you take risks.

3- Skills will allow you to have a better idea of things, I'm not sharing the details on that just yet, but as a general idea if absolutely no one in your group take any sort of action on this subject you could have to get back to the vicinity of your drop ship as much as an hour early to be safe. A watch of some kind is going to be very important for that and numerous other reasons.

4- You will need to get back to your ship, this is actually going to be an important part of the game and not getting back in time = loss of the character and everything on them.

5- No, at least not any time soon, for now it is deliberately not a thing as it does not play well with other parts of the game, you will not have the time or resources to make anything that would survive the conditions you would be exposed to and that particular location might not be safe again for hundreds of years.

6- It is unlikely but not impossible that some form of weather technology could happen, if it happens it will take considerable time and effort by the player base.

I hope that answers the questions well enough and sparks more, a little clue on the weather and going back to you drop ship mechanics:

Get the appropriate skills to forecast or detect the weather, or be very fast and very fit.

Answers a lot of questions yup, but actually puts me off getting involved.

From the original description I envisioned this as groups of firefly like crews, orbiting a planet. And diving down in between storms for quick sorties, then returning to their ship and spending downtime on a space station, trading with mega corps and other ships, drinking, fighting etc

From the sounds of it, you're going for a more involved, the storms clear for hours rather than minutes situation and the action is slower and more methodical, rather than fast paced with as much interaction occurring off planet.

I'm not saying what I envisaged is better or worse than what you're describing, but I'm less interested in the sound of it.

I dare say it will become clearer once people can see a finished rule/guide document, I do envision it being fairly fast paced skirmishes, so once it's a bit clearer I hope it can re-ignite the keen.

Probably the main thing that varies from the expectation is that you won't have the guaranteed safety between encounters, players will be able to do the trade/drink fight as there will be something akin to a safe ish central hub where the mega corp resides, the reason it is safe is that this is the company with a monopoly on every resource you need to not die, eg. food and oxygen.

In practice I am expecting the available resources and how they are made known to players to effectively result in teams racing between objectives and varying types of skirmish are going to kick off when they get there at the same time, so a similar result but a different storyline that creates it.

Probably worth noting here given our other convo that this is very much looking from the larger event perspective with 6+ teams involved. Shorter skirmishes may fit the smaller branch group portion of things and it's definitely worth looking at as it would be a good way to familiarise people with the basics before they have to worry about things like weighing up which of a dozen resources to go after first.

It'll take a bit for me to put it in words, but as far as being a tool for us to make great games and rile up more members into joining the community there's no reason it can't do both.

So I guess the final note is that things have room to change based on player interest, though a lot of stuff is already in place to make things work that I may skip over or forget until a complete document is available nearer the end of the year. I know I've mentioned it a few times but this is me not being able to contain the eagerness to get started even though I know I can't get dug in again until October. I can only hope that the work put in and people getting involved means that it will indeed live up to or exceed what people have pictured.

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