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The Idiots Guide to Being a BritNerf War Veteran

Step 1
Sign up to the forum, and introduce yourself here. Make sure you let us know what kind of Nerf experience you have, whether you've any modding experience, whether you prefer front loaders or magazines, springer or flywheels, and most importantly, make sure you let us know where in the UK you are.

Step 2
Check out the Nerf wars forum to find a war local to you.
Currently, there are: Grim Up Nerf, WolfPack and FDT running wars in Leeds, FDT events in Glasgow and Edinburgh, Bristol Blast wars in Bristol, Zombies Hunters of Manchester, and Foam Warfare Alliance in Kingsbridge. There are other less frequent wars in places like London.
If you don’t find a local war, then have a look through the posts and see if there's other players nearby, and see if they would like to work with you to start organising something - The BritNerf Ltd organizers pack will help with this.

Step 3
Attend a war, in the knowledge that your airsoft/paintball/call of duty experience means jack shit. Expect to be laughed at when you suggest a round of capture the flag…
The event organisers know what they are doing, so listen to them, and follow their rules. The two main things to remember are 1) don’t be a dick, 2) have fun

Step 4
Figure out your play style. Are you the lightweight runner, the heavy support guy, the fun guy with all the weird blasters?
It takes a few wars before you figure out your playstyle, so do just that, go to several wars, ideally different ones, until you figure out what blaster you like to use as your primary, and whether or not you use a secondary. Figure out how many magazines you are using per round.

Step 5
Mod… Make a working primary for the Nerf war you attend.

Springers are fairly easy to mod, BSUK do an elite 5kg+ spring that fits in most of the war practical blasters, and this is easy to fit. If you are using a springer, ideally you’ll want a pump grip one, so consider investing in a Gavinfuzzy pump grip for a retaliator, and maybe even an Atch slam fire kit for that.

If you are a member of the #flywheelmasterrace (and you should be), then you’ll want to rewire the blaster. As nice as IMR’s sound in terms of ease of use, they are now hard to find, and cost as much to invest in as a lipo, so save yourself some money and do it right the first time. Rewire with a MOSFET kit from Blastersmiths uk as this gives you more options in the future, and invest in a suitably size lipo, a 2S lipo will make stock motors and Rhinos safe for firing at kids.

(Remember, don't try to buy cheap to save money, as all you're doing is putting your life at risk if you do)

Play a few more wars with your newly modded blaster, and then improve it some more - replace the motors with something better, ideally Rhino’s and a 3S lipo.

Step 6
Gear Up…
Once you have a fully functioning primary, it’s time to make it so that you can use it the most efficiently. There are 4 essential pieces of gear:
1 - Dump Pouch - Ideally, you should get one of these the moment you start going to wars regularly - it helps speed up dart sweeps, it can hold magazines, or a secondary blaster.
2 - Sling - Again, the sooner the better, this stops you losing the blaster, and keeps it safe during between round rules briefings.
3 - Magazine Storage - The Blastersmiths UK Miranda pouch is your friend here,  At a minimum, get 1 triple miranda pouch, and 5 18 round magazines. Buy more of these as you get more magazines
4 - Holster - a Blastersmiths UK mkIV holster is brilliant for holding pretty much every secondary you could want to use.

Step 7
Practice makes perfect. In your downtime between wars, practice reloading that blaster, having a mag in your off hand, and replacing that mag with one from your Miranda. Do this until it becomes second nature

Once you’ve mastered those 7 steps… Welcome to the big boys playground... It’s time to have some fun - Mod something new, paint it up cool, cut apart the guts of a crossbolt and fit a stryfe inside it...

And you can continue to gear up, Blastersmiths UK have a product to cover most needs, either currently available or being revised and improved. Take the Blastersmiths UK Battlebelt as an example The Battlebelt is more expensive, and has less storage than buying miranda pouches, but acts as a base for continuously improving your gear in the future, meanign you can attach thaose mirandas you've already bought, and that holster, and the BSUK zip dump pouches.

Re: The Idiots Guide to Being a BritNerf War Veteran

A good guide, you've covered most of the points well. Smile

blindgeekuk wrote:
Step 1
3 - Magazine Storage - You have 2 key options here - Blastersmiths UK Mirandas, or a Blastersmiths UK Battlebelt. The Battlebelt is more expensive, and has less storage, but acts as a base for continuously improving your gear in the future. At a minimum, get 1 triple miranda pouch, and 5 18 round magazines.

I'm going to wade in here because I've been seeing a lot about this the last couple of days. It might seem controversial but you don't need a battle belt and by extension a vest. 3 Mirandas will sit on your belt and give most people more than enough firepower for a game. I rarely go through more than 7 magazines in a 15 minute game. By using a vest and a 12 + 1 configuration, I'm mostly being a lazy fuck who can't be bothered to reload between rounds. I could move down to a 9 + 1 configuration on my belt (probably will at BB5)  and not notice the loss. Only people like OldNoob who have serious problems with ammo conservation need to worry about more than that. Razz All BSUK belt and MOLLE pouches are now interchangeable. If you buy a MOLLE Miranda, it'll come with MABs so you can buy belt converters later and likewise the belt version come with the belt converters pre-fitted so you can take them off and put MABs in there later.

A battle belt/cuirass system or a full fledged vest should be a final stage investment, not an early or mid-stage one. The additional magazine storage from the battle belt/vest is icing on the cake, not the cake itself. The elastic tops on the battle belt mean that the mags aren't the most accessible things in the world and should act like a reserve for when your Mirandas are dry. Alternatively, I take the elastic off and hold magazines in there, top them off and then switch them into my Mirandas during down time. Smile

I need to do that master tactical gear post at some point...

Or get out the cardboard and duct tape and get creative Very Happy

Cardboard and duct tape is where we all started. The original BSUK prototypes weren't far from that. Essentially, the hobby is about having fun and not what gear you have. I've seen a guy win events with just a pair of Jolts and a good pair of running shoes. Equally, I've seen people's entire days ruined because they're spending more time with their blaster on the bench than in the game.

I also just re-read BGUK's OP and it would appear the backhanders I'm paying him are working. Very Happy

Re: The Idiots Guide to Being a BritNerf War Veteran

Boff wrote:

I did not know that. I will now buy some pouches  Laughing


Quote length and all that. -Boff


Hmm, interesting stuff. I'm doing my first war this month (BB5), and am kinda nervous because I know there's going to be some serious Nerfers and kit there; but at the same time I hope there will be some scrubs like me there too.

I've already got one sling sorted for my primary, and should have a secondary sling sorted in the next week. Unfortunately I can't justify the money for a proper holster for my pistol this month, so I'm just going to have to wing it a bit - maybe a triad on a bungee cord to my belt loop!

Mag storage is a worry for me at the moment. I've got plenty of 12s and a few 18s, but other than cargo pockets I don't think I've got much in the way of carrying capacity. I may look out for a cheapo bandolier on eBay that'll allow me to carry some extra stuff (I'll probably run a RC as secondary, so individual darts on a bandolier will be fine for front loading that).

Maybe I'll give taping two mags together a go, or dig into my big mag box and see how many of the new flip mags I've got. That's the fun of job lots: you buy loads of stuff cheaply, start modding one blaster, and quickly forget you own twice what you thought you had!

I hope your first war goes well, and cargo pant pockets work pretty well to begin with!

Also note Steps 3 and 4 are well before the Gear Up stage, haven't a great rig isn't essential and won't stop you having fun

Treezy, don't panic chap. Smile Cargo shorts are brilliant for indoor games so they'll serve you just fine. OK so you won't be as agile someone with a properly built rig but that really doesn't matter. If it's your first war then come along and have fun. That matters above and beyond everything else. If you're having fun, you're doing it right.

If I'm around then come find me and have a chat. I'm the loud mouthed twat with the pony tail and all of the gear. I tend to stand out pretty well - just ask anyone.

Boff wrote:
If you're having fun, you're doing it right.

Honestly, that's what it's all about! Just come as you are and enjoy it!

And there's nothing wrong with Duct tape and cardboard ^_^

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