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The Official Unofficial Mod Swap Thread - Closing 31st July

This is the place to keep all your Unofficial Mod Swap posts in one location so as to not clutter up the place with stuff. WIPs, teaser shots and the post of 'dafuq?!' when you receive your item.

I know what I'm making for my match and will be sure to produce photos when mine arrives. Good luck everyone! Very Happy

Unboxing Videos:
It is encouraged that when your parcel arrives, do an unboxing or initial reaction post. It'd be great

Mod Guides/Mod Overviews:
These are also massively encouraged. However, don't publish them until your mark receives theirs and makes it public. Once they've done that then you're free to publish whatever you want.
These are a great ideal and positively encouraged

A note on the old Unofficial Unofficial Mod Swap Thread:

Please note that I nuked the original Unofficial Unofficial thread because of reasons that can be explained via PM if you'd like to discuss it. If you are struggling seriously for information on your Mod Swap match then please don't hesitate to drop me a PM here or on Discord and I'll arrange something for you. The idea of the contest is a little lateral thinking, a little bit of inference, a little bit of fun and the small risk that maybe the pink and green vibrating blaster that you thought was hilarious might not be the right choice.


So, how's everybody getting on?

At first I was a bit daunted with the prospect of building a blaster for a relative stranger. What if it breaks the first time they use it? What if they hate it? The worry made me procrastinate hard but after a cup of tea, I decided that it doesn't really matter. It's just a bit of fun after all.

After much deliberation I've decided to go old school with my "gift". My first instinct was to make a war practical primary, something my victim could actually use. I soon decided that building something useful would be a bit too mainstream so I'm using my years of experience and the tools at my disposal to make an abomination. So far 5 perfectly good blasters have lost their lives so that the lucky name I pulled from the hat can have a massive WTF moment.

Will it work? Who knows.
Will it be any good? Probably not.
Will it be hilarious? Absolutely.

I just ordered blaster 2 as I messed up version 1...

I've changed my plan a couple times, still have the same basic idea but with different blasters.

The current plan is sitting under my desk at work, it's going to be a lot grander and difficult than originally but I think that's is half the fun of it.

Got my concept and blaster, only not sure I can get the concept to work and I've only got really one shot with the blaster.. Soo.. No pressure.

Really worried about 'scope creep' to use the managerese.. But I've had ideas. Such ideas and I can't leave them alone now.

I have the idea and blaster, just waiting for parts. Modwise, it won't be the most amazing thing, but it is the outside that counts, right?
Welsh Mullet

My blaster arrived!

First! Now that's out of the way, my mod swap blaster arrived a few days ago, and caused a stir in my office! I'm only doing this now as I've bought it home (I was busy carrying other blasters before now Razz ) So without further ado, here we have the item in question, sent to me by NerfShack!

Here's the box as it arrived

And here's the lovely letter that came with it explaining the blaster. NerfShack is right, I have been wanting a blaster like this for a while!

Front end of the blaster

And the back / stock. The stock holds 8 megas.

I love this blaster! It does feel a little bit long to my shortish self (curse my little arms) so I may end up tucking the stock under my arm rather than shouldering it. Hopefully I'll bring it along to the next Bristol Blast I make it to, zombies with just this would be a fun role playing experience, and having been playing Battlefield 1 a lot lately, this totally fits with the theme so I might ww1 myself for an event!

Next steps are to drop a jazzo sazzo spring into this beauty, and maybe even a coat of paint... after I've practiced on my own outbound mod swap blaster!

Thanks again NerfShack! Very Happy

Awesome stuff, loving the use of the back of the slide for the pump!

I posted mine out today, seeing your pictures I realised I forgot a note (oops)... Someone will be getting a mystery box unless they figure out the return address

When Welsh Mullet first put a picture up on discord, I didn't notice the back of the prime being used as the pump grip, and presumed it was part of a centurion. It's a neat little touch, and kudos to Nerfshack because I wouldn't have thought to do it that way.

Well I was the lucky recipient of the mystery box from Mr Crane and was very surprised with what was inside.

Having wanted a clear raider for a while but knowing how hard they are to get hold of in the UK just getting the blaster would have had me smiling but this one is even better.
It has had the internals swapped out with those of a rampage to bring it up to elite standards and then had an Orange mod works kit installed to give it a bit of extra punch.
Will add some better pictures when I get the chance and a little write up on performance after I get to play with it.
Big thanks to Mr Crane for his work and hope I can make the recipient of my mod swap blaster as happy as I am with this.

Glad you like it, it was a hard one to let go of!  Very Happy

I've stuck a video up on youtube should anyone be interested in the build:

Bump! Just a general reminder to everyone that this closes on 30th June and you all need to have finished and posted by that date.

He says as his project is open on his desk awaiting a box from the other side of the world... #leadingbyexample Very Happy

EDIT: Given that there are a bunch of people waiting on the fact MTB can't do supply chain management and the weather being a bit dodgy for painting, I'm add a month's extension to this. 31st July is now the hard date for having dispatched your blaster to your modding partner. Smile I'll update the OP and message people officially via Discord as soon as I get the time.


Posted my "gift" to the lucky recipient today. They should get a wonderful surprise Monday morning.

How's everyone else doing?

I've finally got round to ordering a 2s for my modswap from Sewwes so I'll be able to do a proper review and test soon.

Sooo I recieved this little beasty in the post on thursday from Dustybin (and dad)!

Its a beautiful little stryfe in a very fitting purple and green paint job, rewired with rhinos!

The letter said that I never seem to use flywheel blasters so he built this for me (insert manical laughing from Franksie here)

The paints used were:
Halfords Ford Purple Velvet
Halfords Ford Signal Green
Halfords Gloss Black
Grey primer

I'm very pleased with it so thank you very much dusty, I look forward to getting some use out of it (especially for zombie games!)

My mod swap has been delivered to me today by non other than UKNW. After a lovely Sunday roast and after the children were tired from playing on the park I was presented with a minions bag and Kev exclaimed "oh by the way I got you in the mod swap" . Now even before I had opened the bag I suspected that it was going to be a good one.

I could not be happier with what I have received. It is and the word is not used lightly a beast.
Kevin has mated 4 blasters together and the result is amazing the pics do not don't justice.

As you can see it is a humble maverick that has been violated by not one but two barricades. A reflex has joined in for good measure.

The quad flywheel maverick is powered by a 450mah turnigy nanotech 3s and power's up on the slightest pull of the trigger. The maverick is completely stock apart from cylinder drop mod.
I don't have a chrony but I'm pretty sure it's hitting over 120fps. The barricade motors are stock as are the flywheels.

I love it I absolutely love it.

It will be modified slightly by me to have a fully removable cylinder  so if anyone had any old Maverick cylinders lying around hit me up.  [/img]

Oh in all my excitement I totally forgot to post what I have received from Franksie.

A very beautiful Hippy SMG, and now my new primary for probably a long while to come!

My modswap gift arrived yesterday from Kleggt. A rapid red with a magnus integrated as it's front, creating a very comfy grip. Inside it's a pair of 2s 'squiggle' motors, with matched worker wheels, a mosfet circuit, and bsuk mag release.
It sounds very 'growly', and it's certainly got enough oomph to behead a handful of darts I've been testing it with
The piece de resistance though we're the Wolf heads on the side which really theme it to me, and the fact he left it's name plates blank for me to name it, so it is now known as "Amarok"



I still haven't received my blaster but I hope that's because awesome takes time to perfect.

There are a couple outstanding still. I've been in communication with people but if you've not had yours through then drop me a PM here or on Discord and I'll do some chasing. Smile

Quick video review of my Stryfe, The Danglish Pew from Sewwes 12, love it. Going to be a good back up blaster for me, bit hot for Fdt I think but can't wait to give it a shot in action.

Have given up on receiving anything now 😞

Good to see those coming through, folks. Smile There are a few outstanding and I've been poking and kicking the last few days for people. Don't give up hope, there are some issues that are being resolved. IF you're having issues then please prod me on Discord.

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