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daniel k

The pain of ebay!

A recent loss of a hulk titan on eBay not only made me question my sanity (there has been crying sounds coming from my room for the past ten minutes) but also made me hate eBay with a vengeance. Did you have to take so damn long to update my bid? Really? Also whoever won that if they see this, well done, but you have destroyed my dreams. I will pay you!!!!!

You need to up your game- I have been an eBay sneeperr for ages there's a small fee but my membership has cost me about $30 over 6 years so hardly pricey. Also doesn't show your hand and bump the price up.
Titan is vastly over rated IMO, a drainblaster is cheaper, easier and more powerful.
The Dark Kitten

Yeah i noticed the Hulk Titan too.
I had no intention of bidding on it as i knew some dirty sniper would crush my bid.
Also it would hit ridiculous prices and for a re-colour of something that isn't to practical i was defiantly out.
On that not how extreme were the prices?
I noticed a standard one go for 60 so was it worse than that?

The Titan is useless unless you can get one for cheap (I got a hulk abomination Titan for 20), its only use is to be super fun, there is no way you can make it practical unless you strip it for the tank.
daniel k

Sold for 27 including p&p
The Dark Kitten

daniel k wrote:
Sold for 27 including p&p

Honestly i'm surprised!
I thought it'd go for stupid money.
Dustys right there is little value in them other than the fact that people want them.
Watch Coop's video on why the crossbow is so expensive and it sums it all up.
Can't talk really because i do really want on!
daniel k

My tablet lagged on posting a counter bid, so I could have won it, but I didn't know how high it went. Also found a green hornet, so was going to have the complete package!

The tank's nuts, though!

The tank isn't that nuts, again not as good as a cheaper drainblaster and its large volume is entirely wasted in firing darts, especially given most games here have a 170fps cap.
The cost of that Titan (70) would buy everything needed for a decent air gun, bar the air tank and regulator.
Buying a hornet to go with a Titan is two wasted purchases IMO.

I'd like a titan for 2 things... 1) to say I owned one, 2) easier to do predator game type at GuN. But everyone I see goes for silly money that I can't justify for the odd time I'd use it

I had a wee bid on that one too. I'm currently bummed about the vulcan I just sold for just 25 Sad Buyer was really slow paying too and I was like "soooooon, soon I can cancel your bid.... DAMN IT, he paid!"


I've never tried Ebay yet because I have been hearing some issues from my friends and relatives. I considered other online shopping sites.


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