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The Regulator - A Photo Blog Diary Thing

Evening.  I posted two pics of the finished blaster in the Show Off Your Blaster thread, but did promise to put something a little more detailed together... so here it is.  I've decided to do a mostly photo blog diary thing as pictures are worth a 1000 words or something like that.  I'll start at the beginning, and by all means if anyone sees me doing something stupid... more stupid than normal, please let me know so I can get better at this stuff.

First job was opening the blaster and emptying the internals and screws into a bag for safekeeping.  I don't know how long they were in the bag, but more than a month is probably a fair guestimate.

My next task was to mask over the areas I did not want to sand.  I was worried that by not doing this I may accidentally ruin the parts of the finished paint job that I wanted to leave as stock.

I then proceeded to sand the crap out of the blaster.  I started with 220 grit before moving onto 400 grit.  I also used a dremel to sand off the ZombieStrike and Hammershot embossed logos on the blaster before sanding.

Whilst all the sanding was happening, this arrived from Franksie - a very nice 3D printed 7 shot cylinder in red.  I'd ordered it as part of his Jase3D mass order - thanks for that Franksie.

I then spent an hour masking this up.  An hour! I hear you exclaim.  Yes a bloody hour.  And if that shocks you, just you wait until you see what's coming.

Primer layers on the handle.  Halfords grey plastic primer - this goes on much nicer than the white version.

Base coat on. Halfords Audi Brilliant Black (donated by L11 as he didn't have a use for it - cheers!)

I then dipped the handles - you can't see the detail too much, and after a conversation with OldNoob, next time a tan or beige base coat would be better to show off the wood grain effect I was going for.

Close up of the handle.  If you look closely you can see the wood effect.

By this time Christmas had come and gone.  I'd been given a £10 amazon voucher, and just taken advantage of my free month of Prime (yes, I know... I'm well behind everyone else).  So I spent my voucher on a BlasterParts upgrade kit - purely for looks as I know that just on performance the metal hammer impacts FPS.

Of course, I installed that ASAP (whilst I was cooking tea IIRC).  I also followed UK Foam's brass spacer guide to see how that worked out as I had some of the right stuff lying about - very easy to do.  In my stock HS I'd got some of the magic pipe that OldNoob salvaged but I didn't want to cut this down as I may want to use it in something else - no idea what that'll be at the moment.

Back to the shell... here is the result of three, trois, tres hours.  Yes! THREE BLOODY HOURS of masking because I'm a sadist/perfectionist.  It was worth it though... I hope.

More of the same primer.

Body has a base coat... more Halfords paint, can't remember the colour, but more cast offs from L11 Smile

Right after I'd dipped it, before rinsing.  You can see I forgot my gloves... I learnt so much doing this again.  This is only the second blaster I've dipped, the first was The SnakeBite.  I hope that you can see the improvements I think I can see when I look at the finished paint job on The Regulator.

Here you can see the de-masked shell and some of the detail work (the screws and black dot/dimples on the shell).

A shell half after glossing Smile very shiny (excuse the messy kitchen).

All put back together and looking shiny.

I had the chance to put it through it's paces at BB5 and I was very happy with the performance.  The BP hammer was much easier to prime (it helps having shovel hands).  I was also able to chrono a few shots (not a scientific amount) and it was getting around 90fps.

I'd like to call out that the hydro-dip guide I pulled together a little while back can be found in The Vault here.  For those that are interested in the process and didn't know it was there.

Another little tip that I found out on my own (not that it isn't common knowledge or anything, just I didn't look on the internet or ask anyone, I just sort of did it and it worked for me), when I was painting with spray paint I bought one of those spray paint handle things... it was shit, utter rubbish.  I had it off and in the bin after the first squirt - I just knew it wasn't for me.  What I ended up doing was pinching one of the sleeves that my wife uses for work (she's a Carer), and a latex glove.  I put the glove and sleeve on so it looked like I was going to investigate a cow's behind, like all the vet's on TV do.  I held the blaster shell in this hand and sprayed it with the other (my non gloved hand) - I found I had better coverage and a greater degree of control than if it was lying down flat on the little paint booth I'd rigged up.  Sorry for the extreme ramble - there was a point in there I promise.

Lastly... the name. The Regulator.  I've been wanting to call a blaster The Regulator since before I named The Kraken.  In fact it was the original name of The Kraken, except that it didn't fit.  It had to be a revolver style blaster for it to work, like in The Old West.  I know that the styling of my hammershot isnt Old Westy, but it doesn't matter, it fits.  If you are interested, it's actually named after one of my favourite songs by Clutch - go and YouTube it if you are so inclined and like rock music.

If you've read this far, you deserve a reward of some kind, it's a shame I have nothing to offer but my thanks.  I hope you've enjoyed this Photo Blog Diary Thing.

Very Nice. The dip worked well, looks great.

Saw it briefly in person at BB5 and have to say it looked awesome.

On the painting front I like to hang stuff from the washing line with a bit of string, and use a gloved hand to turn/stabilise it as required. Much better finish than lying it down, as you can get in all the areas easier.

I'm impressed by the 90fps though. I've done spring compression on mine, but only got a few low 80fps. Mind you, I think I need to pack the o-ring and grease it all up still.

Really good post, love the step by step with pictures

I have had the honour in wielding this beauty, and can say first hand how well it's been done.  Allot of effort has clearly gone into it and the finished product is excellent.

All that dedication to masking was worth it - very well done!

I agree! That's beautiful!

Yum. Pretty much the nicest looking use of dipping I've seen  Cool

Your Regulator beats Hasbro's hands down!

Minky wrote:
Your Regulator beats Hasbro's hands down!

Don't tell him that - he has already had a fit, stating they stole his name. It's fun to wind the friendly cowboy hat wearing giant up.  Razz

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